Jan 21, 2016

In Defense of Benevolent Colonialism

via Darkmoon

Detroit Journal cartoon, 1898
This White man lives by the best principles of his race. We took America because we wanted it. We took Australia because we wanted it. We took Africa because we wanted it. We took these lands because we knew we could use them in ways that the natives could not.

Look at Australia for example. A barren, hostile wilderness – an arid land, which had for 60,000 years been inhabited by a Neolithic people with an average IQ of 67. In less than 200 years we Europeans turned this barren wasteland into a modern society with cities the equal of Europe.


Because we could! Because we could use the land in infinitely superior ways to the way the Aboriginal had used it.

The aboriginal now lives in a better society – a more literate society – a society he could never have built. He has benefited by our hard work, our industry and our intellect.

Take South Africa. The Zulu, like the White man, was a relatively recent settler. Zulus arrived in South Africa about 100 years before the whites. When the Zulus arrived, they systematically went about killing the natives – blacks slaughtering other blacks. You might want to review the history of the Rwandan genocide to see what blacks are capable of doing to other blacks.

Let’s stop this Noble Savage nonsense right here and now!

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