Jan 21, 2016

Israeli Jews on Christ: “May His Name Be Obliterated”

via The Thinking Housewife

Newsweek reports on the latest act of vandalism of a Christian church in Israel, which has a history of hundreds of such acts:

Israeli authorities are investigating an anti-Christian vandalism attack on Jerusalem’s Dormition Abbey on Sunday.

Potentially several perpetrators, suspected because of the messages’ different handwriting, left a series of scrawls in felt-tip pen on the building. The messages included statements such as: “May his name be obliterated,” “Death to the heathen Christians the enemies of Israel,” and “The revenge of the people of Israel is yet to come.”

The abbey said that there were 10 different Hebrew messages on the walls “seemingly written by different hands.” The building is situated on Mount Zion in Jerusalem’s Old City, where many believe the Virgin Mary to have died and near where Christians believe Jesus hosted the Last Supper.

The messages, in Hebrew, are consistent with the teachings of the Talmud.

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