Jan 14, 2016

Knock, Knock, Knock

via The End of Zion

Rewind a few years…Knock, knock, knock

Mr. Jew: Hello Mr. Gentile, and what a right chap you are. May I please come in? I’ve travelled so far.

Mr. Gentile: You’re a fine fellow Mr. Jew, really on par. But I have some concerns and I’ll say what they are.

I want tranquility, I’m not looking for a fight; and you seem to cause problems wherever you alight.

Mr. Jew: Oh please. I’ll be not a bother and I’ve no place to go. I’m hungry and meek and upon my beard there is snow.

My reputation is a lie; it’s the persecution you see. I swear on my yarmulke it was them and not me.

Let’s set aside our millennial strife; I’ll love you as a brother, or hell as a wife!

Mr. Gentile: I’m unsure Mr. Jew; I want no trouble you see. I founded this nation for my own posterity.

Mr. Jew: You have my word, our relationship will be a cinch; what harm could ever arise from a mensch?

Mr. Gentile: I suppose you can stay if you swear not to hate. Though I want no subversion and you must assimilate.

Mr. Jew: Yes, yes wonderful, you won’t regret it a year. I’ll just go about my business; you’ll not even notice I’m here.

I shall take up occupations I know you’ll approve. I’ll make movies and write columns; your nerves I will soothe.

Forward to present…

Mr. Jew: Gentile, you’re a bigot, a racist, and oh a Nazi too. You’re dumb and not kosher. Yes, that best describes you.

Mr. Gentile: But I thought we were as brothers; your attitude is vexing and newish.

Mr. Jew: Brothers, Ha! As Mike Wallace said, I’m not white but Jewish.

Mr. Gentile: I grant you leave to my country and this is how you repay?

Mr. Jew: This is not “your” country, you dolt. And you don’t have a say.

This country is for Asians and Africans and Mexicans and Jews. Wipe that look off your face, you act as if this is news.

Mr. Gentile: But this was founded as our nation for our people; your myth I must dispel.

Mr. Jew: I have a nation, it’s called Is-rye-ell. You will have nothing, save a spot in Hell.

Mr. Gentile: You have played me as the fool. Allowing you in was not right.

Mr. Jew: I gasp at your words! What are you, an anti-semite?!

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