Jan 26, 2016

Neocohens against Trump

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Donald Trump loves the Jewish people. He’s a well-connected New York City real estate mogul, so it can be safe to assume that he’s not your typical Christian Zionist conservative hayseed. He understands who the Jews are and likes them anyway. His daughter’s a Jewish convert. I sincerely believe the man when he says he’s not antisemitic. He fully intends to give the Jewish people a fair shake, to be a strong ally of Israel, and load his administration up with Jewish talent.

But the Jewish oligarchs don’t want to be treated fairly by a leader who’s in control. They want to be treated deferentially by a puppet they control. Trump likes the Jewish people, but that’s largely beside the point. He’s an antisemite by the operative definition; he’s a man who Jews don’t like. He’s a civic nationalist who wants what’s best for America as a civic nation, and that puts him diametrically at odds with the Jewish agenda.

Jews comprise between 1.7% and 2.6% of the American population, and yet they manage to be over a third of the commentators speaking out against Donald Trump. And many of the rest on the list have invested their professional lives in the lucrative business of advocating for Jewish interests. These men and women expect their readers and conservative voters to trust them, despite having been a who’s-who of the people who instigated the disastrous Iraq War; who congratulated Hillary’s disastrous Libyan coup; who demanded the free trade policies which broke American industry; and who hiss like vipers at the thought of even enforcing the immigration laws already on the books.

This list (including most of the non-Jewish entries) doesn’t represent the American conservative agenda. It represents the Jewish neocon agenda. Glenn Beck passes out toys to illegal immigrant children at the border! John Podhoretz recently declared that one mustn’t oppose Cultural Marxism because to do so would be antisemitic! Several of these authors aren’t even American citizens, or are at least dual citizens of Israel. To accuse them of having dual loyalties would be charitable, as there’s little evidence of American loyalty.

National Review speaks for the organized Jewish community in demanding that you absolutely, positively, must not vote for Trump. For the love of G-d, whatever you do, do not vote for Trump. Rich Lowry would like you to believe that they’ve assembled a symposium of authentic conservatives who oppose Trump because he’s not authentically conservative. They insist that Trump’s the one who’s guilty of identity politics, but they doth protest too much, methinks.

Accuse me of “antisemitism” if you wish. The shoe fits. Heck. Accuse Trump himself of antisemitism. But indulge me by taking merely two hours to research the biographies of the people National Review insists are the standard-bearers of American conservatism. Research which positions they’ve taken on the issues that truly matter to you. Research their social networks, their professional connections, and their private lives. If you don’t find a clear pattern of organized ethnic advocacy for the Jewish people and antipathy or indifference toward the historic American nation, then trust their advice.

I’m not asking you to become an antisemite or a racist or whatever slur might well apply to me. I’m just asking you to notice.

David Boaz * Mona Charen * Mark Helprin
William Kristol * Yuval Levin * Michael Medved
Michael B. Mukasey * John Podhoretz

Glenn Beck * L. Brent Bozell III * Ben Domenech
Erick Erickson * Steven F. Hayward * Dana Loesch
Andrew C. McCarthy * David M. McIntosh * Edwin Meese III
Russell Moore * Katie Pavlich * R. R. Reno
Thomas Sowell * Cal Thomas

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