Jan 15, 2016

Neocon 2.0: Ben Shapiro’s War on Iran

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Faux-Conservative and Jewish
hawk, Ben Shapiro
I do my best to be clever, but sometimes things are simple. Ben Shapiro of Breitbart is Jewish. He does indeed write plenty of quality populist fodder, but he is a Jew. His goal is to tag along with whatever’s going on and tie it all back to his ethnic agenda. His goal is to agree with us about the refugee and immigration stuff, heartily confirm that Barack Obama hates White people, signal favorably toward a lot of dissident right stuff, then redirect it all to the Zionist project.

His latest, “5 Lies the Obama Administration Told to Defend Iran’s Humiliating Seizure of Navy Sailors,” is a paint by the numbers attempt to turn a minor diplomatic non-event between the United States Navy and Iran into World War 3. The Jews really really really want you and your extended family to die in the desert for Israel. They want to contort every routine diplomatic encounter with Iran into a farce of escalating threats.
Barack Obama has a history of humiliating photo-ops associated with his full-blown Radical Islam Denial Syndrome
I also suffer from RIDS, apparently. I’m under the impression that Iran is actually the world’s foremost nemesis of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and pals. NAMALT (Not All Muslims Are Like That). Neocon Jews are desperate to translate our very valid frustration with Islamic radicals and Islamic immigration to the West into a disastrous attack on the very Muslims who aren’t acting like that. It’s a perpetual motion device where we’re aggravated by Islamic migrants in the West, so we attack them in their homelands, so more flee to the West, so we get more aggravated.
the burning consulate in Benghazi juxtaposed with Obama partying it up in Vegas with Beyonce
According to the neocohen narrative, the problem in Libya was that Hillary and Obama kind of sort of bungled the job. If truth, justice, or the lives of children don’t compel you to think twice about serving the Jewish agenda, take note. If you don’t manage to serve their agenda with surgical precision, they’ll stab you in the back for your trouble.
the dead bodies of ISIS-slain Parisians juxtaposed with Obama telling the world that ISIS could be fought with a climate change summit;
Iran has nothing to do with the Paris attacks, and climate change has nothing to do with anything, either. Shapiro’s just pounding on the Fox News triggers like a toddler on a keyboard. Climate Change! Benghazi! Hillary’s email inbox! Oh vey!
As Obama prepared for his last State of the Union address – an event he pitched with hijinks and mugging for the cameras – the Iranian Revolutionary Guard arrested 10 American sailors and seized two Navy boats. Obama never mentioned it in his State of the Union address; the day after the address, Iran returned the sailors, unharmed.
But the message was clear to those who were watching: Obama had been castrated on the world stage by Iran, a country he once termed “tiny compared to the Soviet Union.”
I was watching, and that’s not the clear message I received. The servicemen had drifted into sovereign Iranian waters. Iran went through the motions that sovereign nations do when foreign military forces lapse into their territory. The only coherent response is to thank Allah that the Iranians were more merciful than our Turkish allies were with the Russian fighter jet. Had the sailors drifted into Israeli waters, they could well have suffered the fate of the crew of the USS Liberty, who were brutally slaughtered.

Now there’s a real example of American diplomatic cowardice in action.
Meanwhile, Obama bragged to Americans about his “smarter approach” to world affairs, including an Iranian deal that will grant the mullahs the bomb in ten years, and hundreds of billions of dollars now.
The Iranians are in a race against time to hurry up and develop a defensive nuclear arsenal before Shapiro manages to trick us into kicking off World War 3 against Iran. And we’re not giving Iran “hundreds of billions of dollars,” we’re de-escalating our military campaign of financial and trade harassment. Everything Shapiro’s saying here is the same old Israel Lobby chicken hawk warmonger lies and distortions, served up in a zesty new populist civic nationalist bottle.

If he wants a war on Iran, he can exercise his right of return, join his nation’s military, and fight Iran. It’s not our fight.

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