Jan 4, 2016

New Year – Same Old Drivel!

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Dirty Dave, gleeful in his destruction of UK
Western Spring Editor's Note: There follows a video and then a transcript of the Prime Minister David Cameron’s 2016 New Year message, together with a running commentary by Max Musson, the author of this article:

DC: “It’s a New Year and with our economy growing, and a strong majority government in power, Britain begins it with renewed strength.”

MM: The Conservative Party does have an overall majority in the Commons, however according to a recent Markit Report economic growth is currently weak and the rate of growth, 0.3%, has been declining throughout most of 2015. Furthermore, what is presented as ‘economic growth’ is in reality an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) caused by high levels of net immigration. This should not be mistaken for an indication that the average British citizen is becoming economically better off as the GDP per capita is still lower than it was in 2007 under Labour and prior to the Credit Crunch.

DC: “There are no New Year’s resolutions for us …”

MM: No, David, you don’t want to fall into the trap of promising more things that you probably won’t deliver.

DC: “… just an on-going resolve to deliver what we promised in our manifesto: security at every stage of your life.

Over thirty-one million people will begin the year in work, more than any in our history …”

MM: With record levels of net immigration and with record numbers of people employed part-time and on low-paid, short-term, ‘zero-hours’ contracts, this again should not be misinterpreted as evidence of growing prosperity, but as evidence of greater workplace exploitation.

DC: “Six million children will start the new term at a good or outstanding school …”

MM: Presumably, as judged by the Common Purpose trained inspectors of Ofsted, and in accordance with the requirements of the politically correct, culturally Marxist, National Curriculum, that is?

DC: “More than half a million workers will be taken out of Income Tax in April as everyone apart from the very best paid gets a tax cut. And for the lowest paid there will be a new National Living Wage.

“Meanwhile millions more will benefit from the free childcare, new academies, rising pensions and extra apprenticeships that we committed to in our manifesto, all as a result of our long-term economic plan …”

MM: And in exchange for these concessions, the poorest in our society will be net losers when their tax-credit based benefits are reduced in accordance with the Chancellor’s long-term plans and as his proposed public spending cuts begin to bite.

DC: “We also promised something else in our manifesto, giving you a say on Europe, and now we are delivering on that promise. There will be an in-out referendum, by the end of twenty-seventeen, it is written into the law of the land. I’m negotiating hard to fix things that most annoy British people about our relationship with the EU …”

MM: Still no commitment to hold the referendum this year then, so let’s hope ‘the law of the land’ doesn’t get changed in the meantime. The thing that most annoys the British people about the EU is that after four decades during which the vast majority of us have wanted to leave, we are still in it!

DC: “There’s just one thing that drives me: what is best for the national interest of our country? … “

MM: “The national interest of our country”? What is that supposed to mean?

It is woolly phrases of this sort that politicians use to fudge issues and make grand sounding statements that are in effect meaningless.

There is the ‘national interest’, i.e. whatever is of benefit to our ‘nation’; which will differ dependent upon how we interpret the word ‘nation’. Does ‘nation’ mean just the indigenous British people, who through shared ancestry have inhabited the British Isles since time immemorial, or do we include the random assemblage of people who currently hold ‘British citizenship, or those who have capriciously been granted ‘leave to remain’ within the UK by the Home Office?

There are the interests of our ‘country’, which of course will differ dependent upon what we mean by the word ‘country’? Do we mean a ‘geographically determined landmass’ when we refer to ‘country’; do we mean the ‘politically determined nation state’; are we using the word ‘country’ as a euphemism for ‘nation’; or do we define the word ‘country’ in some other way?

One thing that we should be aware of, is that David Cameron’s interpretation of the words “what is best for the national interests of our country” is likely to change to suit his changing priorities and is unlikely to ever match what you or I might believe those words to mean.

DC: “But in the end it will be for you to decide – is our economic and national security in a dangerous world better protected by being in, or out?”

MM: Clearly, we the vast majority of us have known for many years that our best interests lie outside of the EU, so give us a referendum without delay, David!

DC: “We also go into the year confronting some deep social problems, ones that have blighted our country for too long …”

MM: What, you mean those problems caused by uncontrolled mass immigration from the Third World, of people who are racially and culturally inassimilable, and many of whom hate the British people and all we stand for? The uncontrolled mass immigration that you have helped to facilitate against the wishes of the majority of the British people, David?

DC: “I want twenty-sixteen to be the time when we really start to conquer them – a crucial year in this great turn-around decade – because with economic renewal and social reform, we can make everyone’s lives more secure …”

MM: Not everything can be ‘fixed’ through economic renewal or social reform, and you can’t make ‘everyone’s’ lives more secure. Sooner or later those who threaten our future wellbeing must be removed from our society.

DC: “So, if you’re one of the many hardworking young people locked out of the housing market, we will deliver the homes that will help lead you to your own front door.

If you’re off school, or out of work, trapped in an underworld of addiction, abuse, crime and chaos, we will sweep away state failure, and help give you stability …”

MM: These are the kind of promises that adverts for wrinkle creams give; that the cream concerned, “will help to reverse the signs of aging”. Note the advertisers don’t ever claim that the cream will actually get rid of wrinkles, or even measurably reverse the ‘signs’ of aging; they simply claim that it will ‘help’, just like Cameron’s dubious promises above. Promises to ‘help’ do not place any onus on the promiser to deliver on their supposed promises, and just as wrinkle creams will not get rid of wrinkles, so a politician’s promises to ‘help’ should not be expected to deliver any measurable results either.

DC: “If your dreams have been dashed simply because of who you are, we will fight discrimination and deliver real opportunity, to help lay your path to success …”

MM: Obviously, however, Cameron’s pledge here does not apply to the indigenous British who collectively have our dreams dashed because of who we are, and the fact that our future survival and wellbeing runs contrary to the long-term aims of the New World Order.

DC: “And we will take on another social problem too. When our national security is threatened by a seething hatred of the West, one that turns people against their country and can even turn them into murderous extremists, I want us to be very clear: You will not defeat us.

And we will not just confront the violence and the terror. We will take on the underlying poisonous narrative of grievance and resentment. We will come down hard on those who create the conditions for that narrative to flourish. And we will have greater confidence in, indeed, we will revel in, our way of life. Because if you walk our streets, learn in our schools, benefit from our society, you sign up to our values: Freedom. Tolerance. Responsibility. Loyalty.”

MM: These are more threats and promises that Cameron has made before, but obviously has little hope or intention of delivering on, because they are mutually self-contradictory.

Cameron’s ability to “confront violence and terror” is compromised by his belief in ‘Freedom’ and ‘Tolerance’. The fact that his government grant the freedom for anyone, even potential terrorists, to enter our country; the fact that he advocates tolerance of the religious communities that incubate the hatred of our way of life; and the fact that it is impossible to be ‘loyal’ to everyone, without discrimination, in a society composed of disparate racial, religious and ethnic groups with disparate hopes, needs and aspirations. You cannot demonstrate loyalty to one group, without opposing those who’s contrary needs and aspirations threaten that first group’s interests, and we know from experience that Cameron does not put the interests of the indigenous British people first.

DC: “These are the big challenges of our age, some of the biggest our nation has ever faced, and this year is a test of our mettle.

Whether we put up with poverty, or put an end to it, ignore the glass ceiling or smash it, abandon the tenant, or help make them a homeowner, appease the extremist or take apart their ideology, piece by piece, we’ll get Britain a better deal in Europe, give families the peace of mind they crave, and we’ll make our country even more secure. That’s what this year, this turn-around decade, is all about.

So let me wish everyone the very best and a very Happy New Year.”

MM: Let us wait and see how many of David’s promises have been fulfilled when the time comes for him to conduct a review of 2016. That will be the acid test!

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