Jan 19, 2016

No Enemies to the White: Thoughts on the AltLeft

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I’m a Christian and this project is Radical Traditionalist. Most (but not all) of us here are some sort of Christian. We’re pro-White, but we’re not only pro-White. Our identitarian positions are part of a larger framework for us. We respect that not everybody who’s pro-White is going to be Christian or Traditionalist, and we strive to be team players whenever possible.

The vast majority of pro-White feuds derive from a single and simple error. They begin with the proposition that pro-White people all need to gather together under some single umbrella with a shared vision. We don’t, and we won’t. For a gaggle of people who supposedly hate diversity, we certainly have more than our share of it. We have no choice but to embrace diversity, …while honestly defining our differences and mutually respecting our boundaries.

Some random guy has shown up with a “new idea” for an “AltLeft” for all the folks out there who are down with homosexuality, human-animal-machine hybrids, and heresy, but would prefer to keep their satanic robot orgies White. I get it. We White people are awesome, and I would be a bit less scared and confused at an all-white drug-fueled BDSM house party than at a diverse one. I would probably be a bit safer, too.

My hope is only that they make a point to invest more time in being pro-White than in being anti-Trad. They’re certainly not off to the best start with this. The blog leaves the distinct impression that they’re frustrated by how much progress Traditionalists have made in the past few years and would like to turn back the clock about a decade or so to when being pro-White was primarily about bell curves and biometrics. If the AltLeft can develop its own subculture which is capable of punching the anti-Whites from a different angle, that’s great news. But I’m not holding my breath.
How many see all the boilerplate, post libertarian corporate conservatism, radical traditionalist Christianism, 15th century LARPing, pseudoscientific anti vaccination stuff and wacky conspiracy theories being promoted and decide “Fuck this. These people are freaks. Maybe the social justice crowd isn’t so bad after all.”
Being pro-White is a radical and dissident thought in today’s world, so we’re going to be in the asylum with the rest of the radical and dissident thoughts whether we like it or not until we can break out. Anti-vaccination is just as big on the dissident left as it is on the dissident right, and the wacky conspiracy theories are at least as bad on the left side as they are on the right. There’s nothing “right” about believing the flat earth hypothesis. Truthers of every stripe are pretty evenly distributed across the continuum between Traditionalist and Modern.
I became disillusioned with unfettered capitalism through real world experiences watching corporations and brands in action, the way they had loyalty to nothing and prioritized profits over absolutely everything: including quality, aesthetic, even people’s lives. The creepy cult-like way they manipulate and motivate people. So at a certain point I began to think of myself more as AltLeft than AltRight.
The AltRight is defined in part by its anti-corporate positioning. The first critics of capitalism and corporate excess were clergy. A cursory review of absolutely any AltRight milieu will confirm that we’re generally for strong trade tariffs, stiff environmental regulations, and generally hostile toward multinational corporations.
Religion – Mostly outright atheist or agnostic, occasionally some nominal identification with ancient European religions/mythology.
This seems to be the primary bone of contention for him. I’ve met plenty of religious skeptics over the years with a keen sense for Natural Law. Radical Traditionalist metapolitical theory is independent of metaphysics. One can be an atheist and remain a Traditionalist. Progressive atheists are typically under the impression that sexual chastity, heteronormativity, and family-orientation are something Christian Fundamentalists first discovered in their Bibles, rather than general habits of healthy societies throughout all recorded history regardless of creed.
Technology – Support for new medical technology, research initiatives, cloning, and space exploration without any of the reflexive anti-whitism, “noble savage” fetishism or “Little House on the Praireactionary” longing that dominates much of the traditional left and right.
One man’s LARP is another man’s vision, and he repeatedly carries on about space exploration and transhumanist sci-fi stuff as if it’s somehow less LARPy than the Medieval nostalgia our side sometimes indulges in. I work in technology, love technology, and even get all excited about bitcoins. I don’t see how transistors are supposedly leftist.
Art – The AltLeft is more open to different styles of art. Conservatives tend to rail against “modern art” while often not being able to distinguish between modernism and postmodernism(though they probably would hate both.) The simplest imperfect analogy for modern vs postmodern would be Dr.Evil vs Austin Powers.
There’s an important distinction to be made between the Traditionalist and the Conservative. There’s often overlap, but the AltRight is largely defined by its departure from Conservatism in favor of an active and responsive approach to the first principles of Radical Traditionalist theory. “Conservative” is a moving target, and much of what conservatives are conserving is actually anti-Traditional. AltRight types typically enjoy and explore a broad range of novel artistic styles. The only art they consistently oppose is the excessively commercial and institutional.

Ask around. These kids on the AltRight aren’t listening to church hymns on their iPods or posting strictly realist religious paintings on their feeds.
Social Issues – tolerance for(or indifference to) abortion, birth control, homosexuality and prostitution to varying degrees. Support for eugenics and transhumanism.
Deep Thought: Would a homosexual eugenicist remove the “gay gene?”
AltLeft mostly grew from my own experiences overhearing hipster leftist white friends occasionally make race realist comments or jokes, but knowing they would never sign on to any pro-white movement that came bundled with a laundry list of right wing add-ons like Christian theocracy, hardcore traditionalism, overt misogyny, men’s rights(lol,) anti-sex, anti modern medicine etc.
A similar fool’s errand has occupied the right for decades. You can walk into any socially conservative set of normies and find some evidence of racial awareness. If we could just get all these country boys who enjoy making racist jokes to actually stand up for their White identity, we’d be poised to take over the world, by God! It doesn’t work that way. Atavistic racial awareness is insufficient because it’s simply not as powerful as social pressure, ideological conditioning, and self-interest. None of those things can make it go away, but they all effectively limit it.

The answer lies in developing new subcultures with their own social norms and presenting alternative ideologies. With the right social support and the right ideological conditioning, people are capable of defying their self-interests. I’m skeptical that the mainstream Progressive ideological framework is even capable, given its all-encompassing focus on the individual and his interest and indulgence.
What distresses me more about Progressive pro-Whites than the butt stuff is their unwillingness to move beyond anonymous contexts due to concern for self-interest. Given what being publicly pro-White entails for one’s career prospects, dating options, social circles, and even personal safety, it’s a tough sell for anybody with an ego-positive and individualist ideological foundation. If a pro-White Left ever arises, it would be far more likely to emerge from the more collectivist National Bolshevik sorts.
It’s easy to understand why many right wing reactionaries express tepid support for Arab and African immigration to Europe and the United States.
Wait. What?
AltLeftist is the guy who’s minding his own business sipping his latte at some fair trade, locally owned coffee shop, listening to an indie folk music podcast while some Mexican gangster is outside stealing his beach cruiser. People like this can only ignore so many of these incidents before they admit to themselves that multiculturalism is failing on some level.
Until the guy challenges the degenerate individualism at the core of his Progressive ideology, he’ll just sit there and sip his house blend while his bike, his neighborhood, his country, and his race are stolen right before his eyes. People who aren’t Traditionalist are definitely welcome to become pro-White. But if they’re going to show up and insist that the reason we’re not winning is because we’re scaring off the Progressives by failing to be Progressive, I might just steal his beach cruiser myself.

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