Jan 13, 2016

Rape, Race, and the Pathology of "Western" Individualism

via Alternative Right

Unless you've grown so sick of the modern West's dysfunction that you've decided to completely tune out, then you're all undoubtedly aware of the rape wave that transpired in Cologne, Germany, on New Year's Eve. Understandably, those of us on the alt right are outraged by these attacks on German women. Colin Liddell has already written an excellent article on migrant rape, highlighting the many problems it poses for modern Western countries like Germany. However, what rankles me so much about this incident – just the tip of the iceberg as far as diversity related rapes in Europe are concerned – are the responses of various white elites and pundits, which range from lackluster to downright absurd.

I say lackluster because we all know how majority groups in non-Western countries would react if outsiders violated their women. For example, the rumor that six Uighur men raped two Han Chinese women was enough to incite deadly communal violence in Western China. Ditto for Burma, where reports – again, mere rumors – that a Buddhist woman was raped by three Rohingya men galvanized angry Buddhist mobs, who promptly launched brutal attacks on the Rohingya community. Indians likewise consider sexual assaults on their women serious affronts, as evidenced by a large mob that broke into a jail in order to kill an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant who was suspected of raping a local woman. For just about every non-white group in the world, raping their women is more than just the crime of rape; it's an assault on the group as a whole.

Contrast this with Germany, where the former police chief of Cologne was "shocked" by these depredations, even going so far as to declare it a "completely new dimension of crime." Such shock demonstrates just how individualistic and atomized the West is compared to tribal, collectivist cultures; it also demonstrates that, for all their talk about diversity, pro-multicultural whites have a piss-poor understanding of the non-Western world. Even more absurd was the mayor of Cologne exhorting women to take steps to ensure their safety. Before anyone accuses me of white knighting, I'm certainly not condemning Henriette Reker for "blaming the victims" or not putting the onus on men "not to rape" the way feminists are. Rather, what's galling about her safety advice is that women from the dominant majority group are expected to take special precautions just to protect themselves from newly arrived immigrants – immigrants welcomed with open arms by the German state.

However, it's this editorial from Al Jazeera – my favorite site to mine for leftist absurdity – that really takes the cake. As good leftists, the authors admonish us to not traffic in generalizations about immigrants and refugees:
"It bears mentioning, however obvious, that to stigmatize all refugees on the basis of the actions of a few is pernicious. It’s an extrapolation that is the very definition of racism. One million refugees entered Germany last year, in Europe’s largest movement of refugees since World War II, and to suggest that this entire group is a threat to women in Germany reproduces the worst stereotype of the invading, barbarous moor — a centuries-old trope that has long fostered discrimination without providing any traceable safety for the women it purports to protect."
Obviously, this is a load of nonsense, especially in light of the fact that the left has no problems assigning collective responsibility to whites or men (often both). In fact, the authors do just that near the end of the editorial (emphasis mine):
"Some European nations have taken a specific approach to educate newly arrived male refugees. Norway offers new classes in which sexual norms and related laws are taught to men more accustomed to conservative values. They teach that types of violence perhaps considered honorable in certain spaces are illegal and disrespectful in Norway. Similar classes are being proposed in Denmark. It is, prima facie, preferable to educate in an effort toward integration, as opposed to scapegoating and rejecting. It would be far better still if these anti-rape, respect for women classes were standardized across Europe, offered not just to new and feared brown-skinned arrivals. Men everywhere are in desperate need of such lessons." 
So in other words, making generalizations about brown people is wicked stereotyping; instead, we should treat all men as suspect and educate them about consent – men apparently being moronic monsters who need to be "taught" not to rape. This is just another vexing example of a very common left-wing tactic: shifting blame from a "protected class" onto a "privileged" group. In other words, if non-white men commit crimes, it becomes the fault of "men." If Israeli Jews run an apartheid state, then it's treated not as a Jewish crime, but another extension of white European racism and settler colonialism. Ad Nauseam. Needless to say, we all know how liberal pundits would react if groups of white men went on a sexual assault spree, real or fabricated.

Putting all of this aside though, there is something completely baffling about the subdued reaction of Germans – and white people as a whole. Norway's classes on sexual norms are especially bewildering. Sanity dictates that it's on alien immigrants to respect their host country, which includes its women. If they can't recognize why raping or molesting a country's native women is wrong, then they're either idiots or completely contemptuous of the country that graciously let them in; either way, they don't belong there. Every non-Western country would agree, yet whites haven't gotten the memo.

It's as if white people are so individualistic and bereft of racial consciousness that they cannot summon the anger that normally accompanies such outrages. This white man on The Young Turks, in typical liberal fashion, even defends Arab Muslim culture by pointing to our supposed "rape culture." Don't you see? We're just as bad as them, if not worse! Consequently, imported foreign crime is no worse than our homegrown crime.

Such pathological, deviant beliefs are precisely the reason why I believe the time has come to jettison Western individualism. Yes, I know, individualism has a long and rich history in the Western world. However, context is key. Individualism is all fine and good when a society is homogenous and high-trust. Unfortunately, in diverse societies where every other group but your own practices tribal collectivism, embracing individualism amounts to unilateral disarmament. It goes without saying that individualism puts whites at a competitive disadvantage, as cohesive groups will always prevail over atomized groups – numbers be damned. Among other reasons, such cohesiveness plays a role in the disproportionate wealth and power of the Jewish community. Likewise, I suspect that the reason why many immigrants feel emboldened enough to target native white women is because they subconsciously recognize that whites won't retaliate. Whites simply don't stand up for themselves as a group, and you can't blame anyone else for that.

Now, just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not saying that you should go and lynch non-white men suspected of raping white women. While we can admire the collectivism of the Third World, we must not descend to their level of violence. At the same time, something has to be done. Telling native women to be more careful, acting as apologists for Arab Muslim culture, and – worst of all – continuing to import yet more young men from radically different backgrounds are definitely not what the doctor ordered. On the other hand, draconian immigration laws, swifter deportations, aggressive assimilation, and raising native birthrates are all non-violent ways to reverse the current lunacies plaguing the European continent.

If that means abandoning certain sacrosanct Western values, then so be it. Such are the bizarre times we live in.

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