Jan 5, 2016

Social Nationalism: An Economic Future for Our People

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The Traditionalist Worker Party aims to end a decade- long Right-Wing fascination with capitalism by supporting nationalist economics, a Third Position that is between both capitalism and communism. Most people are supportive when they are told about Third Position, but all most Americans know to choose from are neoconservatism and neoliberalism.

Third Position is perhaps best expressed as an ideology of Socialism for the Nation, anathema as it is to the #cuckservatives and their legions of bow-tied Libertarian lackeys. But it is the choice for nationalists who want to see their nation and their people happy, healthy, and in control of their destiny.

There are few words as misunderstood by the American public as the word “Socialism.” To many conservatives and those on the supposed Right, the term conjures up thoughts about the Soviet Union, Communism and John Birch Society rhetoric of the Cold War. Everything in America that Republicans don’t like is deemed Socialist, at least by the pundits on Fox News.

What the conservatives do not understand is that Socialism is a natural element in any organic and folkish society. There are two forms of Socialism, International Socialism and Socialist Nationalism, while they share the same description, they are two radically different ideologies. International Socialism always ends up serving a small oligarchy of elites both on the national and then the international level.

The work and resources of the nation are stolen by usurious bankers and companies who do not care for the well being on the nation, only increasing their profit margins. Socialist Nationalism, which can be both the ideology of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party or another version of Socialism focused around the people and the nation, is based entirely on putting the nation ahead of any and all international interests.

"Property is the direct projection of man upon his goods; it is an elementary human attribute. Capitalism has been replacing this property of man by the property of capital, by the technical instrument of economic domination." -JOSE ANTONIO PRIMO DE RIVERA
“Property is the direct projection of man upon his goods; it is an elementary
human attribute. Capitalism has been replacing this property of man by the property of capital, by the technical instrument of economic domination.” -Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

A nationalist view of Socialism has been found in everything from the Kingdoms of Medieval Europe to the Fascist movements of the 20th century. Only the radical individualists led by Jewish thinkers like Ayn Rand in the modern era have pushed an idea that members of a folk do not have a duty and a tie to help support their countrymen. Socialism has become an artificial and scary -ism in American discourse, but nothing in political science is more organic and friendly than investment in the health and wealth of one’s own people.

According to Sir Oswald Mosley, “If you love our country you are nationalist, and if you love our people you are a socialist.” It is not enough to fight for your ethnic Identity, you must also have an economic view that fights for true Social Justice and liberates the folk from the bonds of slavery to capitalism and communism, the two ideologies of the globalist elites.

The dictionary definition of Socialism for the Nation is “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” What this means is that the nation actually controls the wealth, resources and production that the nation makes. These resources, both human capital and God given natural resources, and manufactured products are there for the service of the people, not international corporations or globalist bankers.

National Socialism does not imply that we disregard the investments of industrialists and entrepreneurs. National Socialism does not imply that we refuse to reward excellence or enforce equality of wealth or esteem. And it’s certainly not limited to a singular vilified place in time. National Socialism merely entails that the industrialists, the entrepreneurs, and the wealthy must not disregard the nation, its infrastructure, and the people upon whom their success depends.

The definition of International Socialism is “a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.” The International Socialist worldview is that the nation, borders, ethnic Identity, and culture will be broken down to eventually be part of a globalist government.

While the Communists speak of a “Workers Paradise,” what they invariably deliver is turning the workers into slaves for the oligarchs. The same is just as true of capitalists. They desire to turn the workers into wage slaves of corporations and to transform the world’s patchwork of distinct and unique peoples into a globalist bazaar. Faith, family, folk, blood, honor, borders, and brotherhood are nothing but inefficiencies in the market to be demolished by the oligarchs and the ideology monsters who’ve imbibed their lies. Both Systems of Internationalism lead to the death of ethnic communities, cultures, religion, and borders and both must be defeated.

Looking forward for the Traditionalist Worker Party, it is wise that we look to identify what the very purpose and nature of the Party is. The Traditionalist Worker Party in everything we fight for has a focus on the wellbeing of working families and upon upholding positive morals, values, ethics for the nation as a whole.

Our Party must fight economic exploitation on both fronts, stopping a hostile takeover of the workers and stopping exploitation from the bosses against the working class. The Party will work to battle class warfare and instead promote class cooperation between all members of our national family.

The capitalists and communists each promote an ideology of egalitarianism and internationalism which dehumanizes the individual, stifles innovation and makes regular people second class citizens. In both exploitative economic systems there is a forced egalitarianism of the people, with either Soviet-style oligarchs ruling over a vast nation of slaves or elite businessmen and bankers ruling over “consumers.”

Our political beliefs put the family and the nation ahead of all personal greed, creating a government for the people and by the people. Our nation must be ensured to be able to be physically and spiritually healthy and able to use self determination to chart our own course, this can only be realized by a Party that promotes unity of class.

Socialism for the nation believes that every individual has a duty for work for the betterment of themselves and their nation. Genesis 3:19 tells us “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Each person eats due to their effort in working at their job that fits their God given skill set.

Socialism is not an excuse for laziness or malingering, the only ones expected to not work are the elderly, the handicapped, pregnant women, mothers and the very young. Every man who is of age and capable of work is expected to serve in civil service, the military or at a job that uses honest labor to provide for the needs of his family, his community and the nation. Single women should also be encouraged before marriage to learn skills in “pink collar” jobs such as education, medicine and other jobs that allow women to use their natural caring and nurturing instincts to help within our society.

"Together in Britain we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame, my brother Blackshirts, until it illuminates Britain and lights again the paths of mankind." -Sir Oswald Mosley
“Together in Britain we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame, my brother Blackshirts, until it illuminates Britain and lights again the paths of mankind.” -Sir Oswald Mosley

The nation provides for the elderly because they were the generation that sacrificed and battled to get us to our current situation and thus should be honored and cared for. Pregnant women and mothers are working by providing for their families, supporting the continuation of our folk through birthing, raising and educating the next generation and the work in the home while unpaid, is nonetheless some of the hardest work a person could do.

We must love and treasure our mothers of our nation because of their heroism and self sacrifice, their work is equal to the role of a man on the battlefield, securing the existence of our nation.

Compassion for the handicapped is a mark of a nationalist because no matter the individuals ability to contribute to the nation, they are a beloved member of our extended family. Those who are handicapped but high functioning should be encouraged to use their skills to work in ways that help provide them with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

The State must care for all of its citizens, from the unborn all the way up to our senior citizens. This form of love for our people is shown through using Socialism to provide healthcare, education, rewards and incentives for hard work, advanced infrastructure and self defense for the entirety of the nation. Having more money or political influence should not give an individual the ability to trample upon his countrymen, while we maintain hierarchy in our society, each individual has a unique and equal value in the eyes of both God and the Party.

Ernst Rudolf Huber said of Socialism for the Nation “The member of the people, organically connected with the whole community, has replaced the isolated individual; he is included in the totality of the political people and is drawn into the collective action.” We desire to replace the radical individualism of today and replace it with healthy families and communities that work together, share with one another and have a dedicated interest in one another. Individuals are lost in the world, depressed and without purpose, men and women with purpose are parts of things greater than themselves and that is the desire of a nationalist form of Socialism.

The Traditionalist Worker Party has recognized that mere political movements do not free the peoples from the ties of international capital, what it takes to free our people is the organized national will of the people which it and it alone can stop the cheating of our nation by the globalist agents of parasitical multinational corporations and their bankster buddies.

A Socialist form of Nationalism is not unheard of in the United States. Governor Huey Long of Louisiana was a hero to his people because of his dedication to the cause of economic Social Justice and ensuring that the working poor were provided for. The Standard Oil Company and other huge conglomerates had taken the oil and natural resources of Louisiana for decades but left the State destitute and poor. Governor Long decided that if these corporations were going to do business in his State, they would benefit the citizens of Louisiana.

With taxes and programs forcing the corporations to do their fair share, Huey Long reduced illiteracy, build roads and other infrastructure projects, built universities and schoolhouses, provided welfare for the elderly and crippled and put his people first, above any shareholders or corporate board, he was a leader for his people and his State, and that is a history worth remembering.

Father Charles Coughlin, known as the “Radio Priest”, proposed a platform on how both Nationalism and Socialism can work together in America. Father Coughlin said “I have dedicated my life to fight against the heinous rottenness of modern capitalism because it robs the laborer of this world’s goods. But blow for blow I shall strike against Communism, because it robs us of the next world’s happiness.

charles-coughlinIn place of either of these Systems, Father Coughlin proposed that,
“Every citizen willing to work and capable of working shall receive a just, living, annual wage which will enable him both to maintain and educate his family according to the standards of American decency… nationalizing those public resources which by their very nature are too important to be held in the control of private individuals… I believe in upholding the right to private property but in controlling it for the public good…abolition of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system and in the establishment of a Government owned Central Bank…I believe in preferring the sanctity of human rights to the sanctity of property rights; for the chief concern of government shall be for the poor because, as it is witnessed, the rich have ample means of their own to care for themselves.”
In many ways the platform for the Union of Social Justice as established by Father Coughlin sound very much like the positions held by our Party. Father Coughlin also proposed something that perhaps would keep the rich from being so eager to send the sons of the poor off to fight wars on their behalf. To this Father Coughlin said “in the event of a war for the defense of our nation and its liberties, there shall be a conscription of wealth as well as a conscription of men.”

Overall the plan of Father Coughlin was both Nationalism and Socialism, putting the people and the nation first. During a speech Father Coughlin told his supporters “America has been led to a crossroads. One leads to Communism, the other to Fascism. I take the road to Fascism.” With that spirit, I choose to follow the path of the honorable and holy Father Charles Coughlin.

While FDR had Father Coughlin silenced by banning him from being able to send literature through the mail and by shutting down his radio program, the most popular in America, the vision of an American political movement to call for Socialism and Nationalism is once again rising. The enemy cannot defeat us in our struggle for peace, liberation and a healthy and organic nation that promotes the values of Faith, family and folk.

Only through the Traditionalist Worker Party can this message be brought to life so unite my brothers and sisters, the time for struggle and Revolution is now. The only thing that we have to lose is our chains!

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