Jan 14, 2016

State of the Union: Turn Down the Volume, Shitlords

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Institutional inertia can roll on for a long time after the institution’s doomed. The Soviet regime lumbered on for decades after its Marxist raison d’etre ceased to animate it. In America, the Southern approach to racial relations carried on for a few decades after the collective mythic narrative which emerged from WWII sealed its fate. A similar historical process is occurring now.

The neocon vision of a Jewish and global capitalist dominion over a nominally democratized, borderless, and cultureless world is discredited and decrepit; yet the proxy battles for that stillborn global empire rage on. The fantastical dream that all of humanity can gather together to overcome their racial, religious, and cultural differences has given way to increasingly tribalist sentiments and even violence on all sides, yet the institution’s steady drumbeat of diversity and multiculturalism drones on.

It’s all bullshit, but we all smile and clap along for the guards. For now.
We all expected Barack Obama’s speech to be a Barack Obama speech. While I grant that the man’s relatively intelligent, he’s essentially been giving the same speech since the oligarchs unveiled him at the 2004 DNC Convention. Not only did we fail to cure cancer during his administration like he promised, even race relations have managed to degenerate under his leadership. That’s hardly surprising, as his shtick of raising minority expectations while blaming Whitey for their ongoing failure to meet those expectations is a perfect recipe for arousing suspicion and contempt all around.

The strange new twist came directly after the Barack Obama speech, when the GOP establishment leveraged its traditional time allotted for rebutting the President to pretty much agree with and repeat the Barack Obama speech. She then unleashed a direct attack on the presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump. Nikki Haley looked the GOP voters directly in the eyes, cucksplaining to them that immigrants like herself are more American than native-born Americans, and that they are to “turn down the volume” on their demand for immigration enforcement.

Ann Coulter’s response said it best…

We’ll probably never know whether it was by accident or whether it was a mastermind’s calculation, but Trump’s credible threat to enforce existing immigration laws and defend our existing borders has burst the illusion of a multi-party democracy wide open. The monolithic and singular party has shown its face tonight and delivered its message. You will not have border enforcement. You will not have a humble foreign policy. This is not up for debate or a vote. The oligarchs have spoken.

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