Jan 15, 2016

Thanks to Non-White Invasion, Europe Is Becoming a Dangerous Place to Live

via BNP News

Up in Norway where a 3 year old child has been raped in an asylum centre, Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway’s reception centres for refugees, said following this heinous crime: “There’s no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society”.

“There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms”.

So according to this vile woman it’s okay for Asylum seekers to abuse children because it’s their culture.

Its time the Army was brought into all these illegal dumps, full of illegal criminal parasites, flatten the entire area, and then fumigate it, as these chancers are carrying dangerous infectious diseases.

We as British people request that our Human Rights be respected too: - We do not want any of these Third World parasites in Britain.

None of these immigrants are genuine asylum seekers fleeing war; if they were they would respect the 1951 United Nations Law and claim sanctuary in the first safe country they reach, closest to their own. However they have all ignored this law, bypassing numerous safe nations deliberately, in an attempt to reach their desired country of choice, (usually the nations with the most generous benefits, Britain, Sweden and Germany.

It is also obvious to anyone with any common sense, (apart from the leftie loonies and the “no borders” nutters ) that these foreigners may also be dangerous Islamic hate preachers and terrorists, and they may be carrying infectious diseases, either way we do not want or require them in Britain or any part of Europe.

Our nations are already at breaking point regarding housing, schools, welfare, hospitals, and most general basic services. We cannot provide sufficient for our own people, therefore we most certainly cannot provide for these freeloading, uneducated, illiterate, demanding, ungrateful parasites.

All the immigrants are from Third World nations that have a very different culture, religion and way of life to ours in Europe. Their understanding of what being civilised is, also conflicts with our own, for example :-  It is not acceptable for immigrant men to rape  women and children in Europe, it is not their given right, even if it is back home in Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, (We the people of Europe are civilised people)

Women are also equal to men in Europe and must be treated with respect and dignity at all times.

Honour killing, FGM, Forced Marriage, inbreeding, stoning, Sharia Law, Halal, etc etc are not and never will be any part of British or European culture.

Europe is turning in to a dangerous place to live. I fear for the future of women and children because it is them paying the price of politician's carelessness.

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