Jan 18, 2016

The Theft of Our Past – and Getting it Back

via Western Spring

That the education industry is a major player in the Left/Liberal indoctrination of our young is hardly news, nor is it the fault of teachers and schools (well, not always!) because for a number of years schools have had a statutory duty imposed upon them by government to “promote good race relations”. That is why we hear of schools being penalised for having too many White British pupils and too few of the other kind – it’s believed that they have to mix for relations to be good. Nor is it the fault of the schools that they have had to teach “Citizenship” since the 1990s, training our youngsters in “human rights”, “equality of opportunity” and “valuing diversity” among much else.
Now we hear of a new GCSE history course from the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board, drawn up in conjunction with the Black and Asian Studies Association, which instructs pupils in the history of migration into England between 1000 and 2015. Media attention has focussed on the startling claim that “Africans lived in Britain before the English”. Well yes, a unit of soldiers from   Africa were briefly stationed on Hadrian’s Wall near Carlisle (I hope they enjoyed the winters). But the name “Africa” did not then mean the great continent to which it is now applied, it meant the Roman province of Africa, the modern Tunisia. Coming from Tunisia these men would have been Berbers by race, like the French footballer Zinedine Zidane, not Blacks. But the story will be spun to make it appear that they were Negroes. Why? Well, in the words of Mark Ormrod, one of the historians involved in the project: “It … helps us to understand and find a place for ourselves in contemporary society”. Who are “ourselves” in this context? He can’t mean Berbers, who are rare in England (at least for now), but Black people are not rare, so it is Black people (“Africans”) that are meant.

Ormrod’s words tell us all that we need to know about the motive for this project. It’s purpose is to use misleading spin to persuade ethnic minority pupils that this country has been their’s since remote antiquity, and to persuade White British pupils that they have no claim to its sole possession – that they are not the people of the land. This conclusion is borne out by the claim that the course addresses the “white male dominated view of history”. It is further borne out when one looks at the detailed description of the course material; there is a nod to the presence in England at various times in the past of Irish, Flemish, Huguenot and Polish settlers, but detailed study and projects are reserved for Jews, Asians and West Indians. In the latter case, the experience of West Indians at the time of the Notting Hill riots in 1958 is dwelt on at length, with quotes from several Black people about their sufferings, real or alleged, at the hands of Whites – there are no quotes from Whites.  Needless to say, there is no mention of the complete absence of mass immigration for many centuries before 1939, or of the stable and homogeneous society which resulted, or that three times as many people now enter the country every year as entered in the whole period from 1066 to 1950.

The whole farrago is best summed up by Chris McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education who said “the country is being sold down the river by the politically correct brigade and national identity sacrificed for minority groups to feel included. It’s pro-immigration propaganda.” Quite so.

I have described this process as the theft of our past. It is not the only way in which it is being stolen; all of us have seen how ethnic minority actors are being cast in wholly inappropriate parts – at times or places when they could not have been present, in roles clearly written with White characters in mind. A black James Bond? Thank goodness the all-important cinema audiences in the Far East won’t stand for it! But when it comes to dramas based on our most ancient myths, “Thor”, “Beowulf” there are no oriental ticket sales to worry about. The excuse for these travesties is that the skin colour doesn’t matter, only the quality of the acting – so can we look forward to White actors being invited to play Nelson Mandela or Shaka Zulu? The real reason for “inclusive casting” is to persuade us that the multi-racial, multi-cultural society has always existed which, as anyone can testify who knows anything about our country before the 1960s , is the reverse of the truth.

So how do we get our past back? There is no quick or easy answer because we do not control the media or the schools, so we must take matters into our own hands. This means teaching our children the truth, but at the present time there is a total lack within Nationalism of the necessary intellectual resources gathered in one place in a readily accessible and digestible form; by the “necessary intellectual resources” I mean the histories, novels, poetry, films and journalism which will give our children a patriotic image of our country, her character and her achievements. But this lack can be overcome and, through Western Spring, work on compiling this material has begun.

Above all, remember the old adage – he who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past will control the future. Our enemies know this and are putting it into practice, we must wrest the present out of their hands.

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