Jan 6, 2016

TradYouth Hour: The Conference, the Parliament, and the Parade

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Matthew Heimbach returns to the Traditionalist Youth Hour with an in-depth description of his working trip to Europe networking with German and Greek Nationalist parties.

As well as seeing Germany for the first time he also got a chance to speak at the NPD leadership conference, where the Antifa were out in force throwing molotov cocktails and waving the hammer and sickle flag, clearly unaware of what the Soviets did to their great-grandparents. In the days before the conference the immigrants they love so much committed an atrocity upon a 9-year-old girl, yet still the blind fools were calling for more refugees. As well as putting up with the Antifa, the NPD are also being attacked by the state, who keep trying to ban the party outright while at the same time bleeding them dry through court costs and legal fees.

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