Jan 21, 2016

Who Is Behind the Sexualization of Our Children?

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Almost every mainstream designer brand is owned by a jew.  They must just be really good at making clothes! Oh, wait… that’s right, they don’t actually make them, but have goyim slave labor do it for them.

Let’s take a look at how complete their dominance of this industry truly is.


Jews have played a role in every aspect of the American fashion industry since the 19th century, when a wave of European Jews made fortunes opening up department stores in major American cities-from Filene’s in Boston to Goldwater’s in Arizona.  In 1853, a German-born Jew names Levi Strauss founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans; immigrants from the shtetl set up custom-made suit shops like J. Press for Ivy League students, captains of industry and Kennedy’s. Source


“As early as 1885,” notes Joel Kotkin, “… Jews, mostly from Germany, owned 97% of all the garment factories. By the early twentieth century Jewish domination of the ‘rag trade’ [in America] was virtually complete, with Jews accounting for between 50 and 80 per cent of all haymakers, furriers, seamstresses, and tailors in the country.” [KOTKIN, p. 48-49] By 1915 the “clothing trade” was America’s third largest industry, behind only steel and oil. [LEACH, p. 93] “Jews largely created the American clothing production industry, replacing homemade clothes and tailor-made clothing.” [SILBIGER, S., 2000, p. 46]
Now let’s see how jews have used their domination of the fashion industry to sexualize and exploit children.


In 1995 another Jewish garment mogul, Calvin Klein, who had a serious problem with cocaine and Quaaludes over the years [GAINES/CHURCHER, p. 208], was condemned by a range of parent and social welfare groups for an advertising campaign featuring images by Jewish photographer Stephen Meisel. Adolescent models, notes Henry Giroux, were photographed “in various stages of undress, poised to offer both sexual pleasures and the fantasy of sexual availability … Angry critics … called the images suggestive and exploitive, and condemned Calvin Klein for using children as sexual commodities. Other critics likened the ads to child pornography.” [GIROUX, p. 16-17] This was an old theme for Klein. Earlier suggestive commercials with and adolescent Brooke Shields had garnered condemnation from a variety of groups, including a feminist group called Women Against Pornography. (Klein’s key partner in his initial years was fellow Jewish entrepreneur Barry Schwartz. Another Jewish friend, described as Klein’s “mentor,” was Nicholas de Gunzburg, the “fur and fabric editor” of Vogue magazine). [GAINES/CHURCHER, p. 97-98]

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney ousted
This problem is not limited to Calvin Klein, but pervasive across the industry.

screen shot 2015-03-17 at 4.55.13 pm

We have this wonderful jew Dov Charney (pictured above) to thank for all of the sexualization of young White girls through American Apparel ads and catalogues! Charney has been sued for sexual harassment and rape of former models, one of which was a child.


These sick deviants think little girls should be modeling bras and panties. This image in particular garnered criticism due to it’s pornographic nature, and hints of the model being a school aged girl. This is not surprising coming from two jewish degenerates like Dov Charney and Terri Richardson.


And not only are the chosen ones in charge of the fashion industry, but they also are behind brilliant children toys like the Baby Bratz dolls thanks to MGA Entertainment, run by the jew Isaac Larian.


The store Tesco, owned by the jew Jack Cohen, was recently forced to pull a very inappropriate toy that they were selling to children. It was a pole dancing training kit, complete with their very own stripper pole. Just trying to get those children in shape I’m sure.


We also have the jewess Ruth Handler to thank for the creation of Barbie, which gives young girls unrealistic ideas of what a normal healthy body looks like.  We are now graced with the arrival of “interracial relationship Barbie” and “CEO Barbie”. They’ve got to train those shiksas at a young age.

And, of course, almost every single major cosmetic, hair, and skin care company is owned by jews.  Here is a list of brands owned by jews that I encourage you to start boycotting now.


And it doesn’t stop there folks. The jews have been exploiting children in Hollywood since it’s inception.

Whether it’s the “music” industry, movies, print ads, TV shows, or magazines, the jews have their tentacles wrapped around all of our children.

We need to remove their shackles and free ourselves from their suffocating grasp. It’s time to expel the parasite. It’s time to come back to health.

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