Jan 15, 2016

Why Merkel Is Enabling Muslim Rape Culture in Germany

via Carolyn Yeager

The new protest sign in Germany after the mass
sexual assauts and thefts by asylum-seekers in
Cologne on New Year's Eve. Merkel's Interior
and Justice ministers object to the message
A Rape Culture that has existed in Scandinavia and England for a long time already, has now been invited into Germany. A rape culture is exactly correlated to the arrival of men from African and Middle East Muslim countries in the guise of refugees, migrants, asylum-seekers and so on. The CDU (Merkels ruling party), the SPD (Merkel's coalition-partner party) and the CSU (Merlel's sister party), say that Germany MUST accept all refugees because of some agreement Germany signed with the UN back when the world was a different place than it is now. Interestingly, some other European nations don't feel the need to slavishly follow that so-called UN agreement on refugees. 

The real reason for “multiculturalism” going full-steam ahead in these days is to hold down competing parties to the right. The Right-Wing is the evil to be avoided at all costs—even at the cost of young German women and children. Yes indeed, they are thrown to the wolves, so to speak, sacrificed for the greater good of preventing the emergence of any politics tinged with love of nation and ancestry. Racism is the number one evil to be trounced down. That means German women of all ages must be at the mercy of foreign rapists—that is really what it comes down to.

I want to stress that the only solution coming from Merkel's administrations and all the mainstream parties is: More Surveillance and More Police Powers

This works out just fine for bringing Germany into line with the New World Order lifestyle. Danger everywhere, terrorism everywhere, strict gun ownership laws, the philosophy of equality. The fact that German society never needed all this before the Muslim migration is not mentioned by anyone in government. Because, as is accepted as the new unquestioned reality, 3rd world migration is the future of Germany. It must be dealt with.

So don't believe her promises to reduce the number and to deport hundreds of thousands who don't qualify. So far, only a tiny few have been returned. It is much harder to remove people than to just keep them out to begin with. It will never happen.

The following essays and news reports can tell the story best. I urge you to take a look at each one.

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Sweden investigates sex assault cover-up  Of 20 complaints, 14 were from girls under age of 15, some as young as 11. No mention of ethnicity of perpetrators in 2015 files.

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