Feb 18, 2016

2016 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize

via Western Spring

As the fourth anniversary of Jonathan Bowden’s tragic death approaches, and what would have been his 54th birthday, Western Spring in co-operation with Mike Woodbridge, the executor of Jonathan’s estate, would like to announce the third occasion of an award in Jonathan’s memory, of a prize for oratory. The award of this prize has become an annual event.

Members of the nationalist community and our wider audience are hereby invited to submit to this website, the name of any nationalist speaker that you feel deserves to be added to our list of nominees for this award. For the nomination to be acceptable to our panel of judges the speech must have been made during the twelve months ending on 1st March 2016, and be accessible on the internet either as a video or sound recording. Therefore please also provide a link to the speech in question. The speakers nominated can be a member of any political group or party or none.

The prize awarded for the best piece of nationalist oratory will be the laurel wreath statue that stood on Jonathan Bowden’s desk at his home, which will be inscribed with the winner’s name and which the winner will be allowed to retain until 1st March 2017, together with a cash prize of £250 provided by Western Spring, which of course will be for the winner to keep.

The prize will be presented to the winner at the first London Forum meeting to take place following the closing date for the competition.

The acceptance of nominations is at the discretion of the Western Spring panel of judges, as is the decision regarding the choice of winner although our readers should feel free to add their comments to articles we will publish during the month ahead to publicise the nominees.

Richard Edmonds 1The winner last year was the highly popular, veteran nationalist campaigner, Richard Edmonds, and before that, the prize was won by the highly regarded author and speaker, Alex Kurtagic.

We are aware that some individuals have in the past been disappointed not to be considered for this prize based upon speeches they had made in private, recordings of which were not made public. Therefore in order to avoid similar disappointment this year, speakers are urged to post video recordings where they are accessible. Nominees may use a nom do guerre if they wish.

Please submit your nominations to me max.musson@hotmail.co.uk and aspiring orators should be aware they have just two weeks in which to qualify for the prize this year. We look forward to your entries.

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