Feb 8, 2016

A Roosh to Judgment?

via Alternative Right

Playing the rape card?
In this modern era of love and tolerance – where "hate speech" and "thought crime" must be 'loved' to death by banning them, suspending Twitter and Facebook accounts, and having people fired and thrown into the outer darkness – it seems that there is a real hunger for hate figures, those convenient parties like Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984, who can serve as a focus for the proverbial "Two Minutes Hate" sessions that social media and comment boards now make eminently feasible.

Right now, the man of the moment is Alt-Right wake-rider Daryush 'Roosh' Valizadeh, whose simmering squabbles with feminists and their limp beta-male muscle has now been picked up by the mainstream media. The paparazzi, it seems, have even been staking him out with their sniper cameras, as you can see from this story in the Daily Mail.

This is perhaps even a bigger uptick in Roosh's media profile than last year when he appeared on Dr. Oz's TV show and was vilified for not ignoring how fat some women are and how that can actually kill them.

The present media frenzy was triggered when Roosh was forced to cancel some meet-ups after receiving death threats. This gave the mainstream media the excuse to mention him and then drop in the old chestnut about him being an actual advocate of rape.

This accusation stems from this article, How to Stop Rape, where he used a technique called "straight-faced satire" (see Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal) to draw attention to the ambiguity that often surrounds the commencement of the sex act between men and women, while advocating more female awareness and responsibility about getting into those kinds of situations. At least that's my take. Make up your own mind by reading the article yourself.

Anyway, whatever Roosh wrote or meant is not so important as the mere fact that he is NOW being elevated out of the semi-obscurity in which he normally exists, to mainstream bête noire status for the required "Two Minutes of Hate."

As Roosh wrote this notorious article a year ago, the most relevant and interesting question to ask is why NOW? The answer revolves around the emotional dynamics that determine much of the news agenda.

The mob awaiting its cue
Orwell in his novel 1984 makes it clear that the hate figure of Emmanuel Goldstein serves a useful function for the State and Big Brother, whom the masses and Outer Party members like Winston Smith should be hating, by providing a safe vent for mass rage.

We see something very similar at work here. The recent burst of attention seems to have originated mainly in the UK, and Roosh has even called attention on Twitter to the particular virulence of the threats emanating – if that's the right word – from Glasgow, a city that has always had plenty of hate to spare.

Europe, as we know, is currently undergoing a massive crisis due to the flood of young, male, Muslim migrants, who have predictably been engaging in rape and sexual assault every chance they get. Although Britain is somewhat insulated against these "rape-U-gees" by the English Channel, its wise decision not to join the Schengen Area free travel zone, and Prime Minister Cameron dragging his heels on EU demands to accept more refugees, the idea of migrant and Muslim rape is very much in the wind, and has been so since at least Rotherham.

Naturally, there is a great deal of animosity over this, and the potential exists for things to get very nasty very quickly, which is always the rule in any multicultural society, and thus the reason that their attendant states tend strongly to ever greater tyranny.

When dangerous hatreds exist like this, rather than addressing the root causes – namely the aberration of multiculturalism – and discussing solutions, the establishment instead looks for a vent. We saw exactly the same pattern when, after more than a decade of police and media cover-ups, the Great Muslim Pedophile Gang Rape Scandal broke.

Typical BBC employee, apparently.
At that time, the establishment deflected attention away from the Muslim communities that were deeply involved in those atrocities by digging up the corpse of the then recently deceased Jimmy Savile, a DJ and and TV presenter who had undoubtedly behaved in a despicable way with children.

It is noteworthy that they went for someone who was already dead, rather than living examples of high profile non-Muslim pedophiles, like the Jewish politicians Greville Janner and Leon Brittan, who were under serious clouds of suspicion until their recent deaths.

But here again, the point is not what Savile, Janner, and Brittan may or may not have done, but in the use to which Savile's celebrity at least was put, namely to offer a 'safe' vent for people to let off steam about pedophile grooming and rape, while minimizing the damage to the already deep fissures in British society.

In the aftermath of Cologne, with Muslim rape on everyone's minds, what could be more convenient for the establishment than to dig up a Muslim-looking guy, who is not a Muslim (Roosh is half Persian), and who is followed mainly by young White guys concerned about their appeal to women, and to then elevate him as the symbol of "rape culture"?

While much froth dribbles from mouths and calls to ban the "evil rape advocate" ring out, young Muslim men with dark thoughts of rape continue to stream in and eye up the local women. In short, Roosh is to Muslim migrant rape what Jimmy Savile was to Rotherham, except that Roosh seems a lot more decent than Savile ever was.

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