Feb 19, 2016

Actually . . . Trump Is Sort of a Democrat

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People get on to Donald J. Trump for supposedly flip-flopping his party and ideology throughout his life. But if you really think about it, it’s the world around Trump which has changed, not Trump. He’s sort of an eighties Democrat frozen in amber and released in current year. The flamboyant and wealthy villain in the eighties blockbuster Back to the Future was actually modeled after Trump, which involved time traveling from the eighties to 2015, so maybe there’s some synchronicity going on here.

Within the time period between Marty stepping into his time travel DeLorean to stepping out around the time of the first Republican primary debates, the Democrats have transformed from being an implicitly white, worker-friendly, pragmatic and protectionist party of government-friendly solutions and humble foreign policy into a minority grievance mob with a neocon foreign policy approach which is explicitly and overtly anti-white. Trump’s minority-friendly and immigrant-friendly, but in an eighties manner, back before it all reached this point of self-parody.

Even the Republican Party is dominated by multiple Cubans who recently washed ashore, a man whose love of Mexico exceeds any Japanese anime nerd’s love of Japan, a man whose Goldman Sachs wife advocates for a transnational North American super-state at secretive Council of Foreign Relations conferences, and an angry libertarian manlet who takes the side of cop-killing thugs against law and order.

The argument that the government is racist because more Black people are locked up for violent crime belonged in a Black Panther crackhouse in the eighties. Now that whole conversation, whether cops are too hard on violent thugs, is standard faire in the conservative party’s national conversation. Trump’s firm stand in support of law enforcement against drug dealers and gangbangers in the New Hampshire debate is now a bold stand for a Republican, …but it’s generic standard boilerplate for an eighties Democrat.

At this juncture, an eighties Democrat is a conservative beacon of traditional values relative to what the supposedly “conservative” Republican Party has on offer. At some point in the past few decades, the DNC crossed that line from merely being inclusive of and supportive of immigrants, minorities, and women into a party machine which aggressively and explicitly scapegoats white males. The GOP ain’t much better on all that, and it’s even worse on the corporate cronyism and warmongering.

Some smarmy Republican operative declared a few weeks ago that “Trump’s not a Republican. He’s a Democrat who happens to hate Mexicans.” There’s some truth to that, actually. But the truth condemns the two parties’ elites more than it condemns Trump. There are too many Mexicans here, after all, and even an impressive share of Mexican immigrants are inclined to agree. We all know you’re not allowed to say that in 2016, but a time traveler from the eighties would almost certainly make note of it.

Trump didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left Trump, …and tens of millions of other White Americans. America’s monolithic political machine has evolved a great deal in the past few decades, but the American people themselves and Donald Trump haven’t really. They still want fair trade, sane immigration policy, a fair economic playing field, and investment in our nation’s infrastructure. The only thing that’s really changed is their mood, a mood which Trump masterfully mirrors as his face turns pink with rage at a political system rigged to thwart the will of the voter.

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