Feb 22, 2016

Alternative Right: Rumors of Its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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There is a charming little article that has just appeared on Right On, the new “Alt-Right” site launched by Arktos a few months ago to help their flagging business model of publishing turgid tomes that look good on your bookshelves but turn to dust and forty winks in your hands.

The article in question jumps up and down in a desperate attempt to click bait with the grandiloquent title The Alternative Right–An Autopsy and is by someone called Eugene Montsalvat, some LARPy twat with an obviously made-up name who is in the process of translating Ernst Niekisch, a "national Bolshevik" and "Giorgio Freda" an...ahem...Nazi Maoist into long-winded English. (Personally I am dabbling in Post-Strasserist Juche-ism, so who am I to titter?).

This turgid and badly written essay doesn’t get to its point until the 16th paragraph and then the point is rather pointless – the Alt-Right has been mainlining on memes, naughty us:

"The mass influx of people from Internet message boards, such as 4chan’s /pol/, into the alternative Right milieu has given a sophomoric coloring to its discourse. Instead of well-developed arguments, memes and cheap catchphrases abound, often quite tasteless. They ridicule Blacks using the most base stereotypes, instead of trying to foster a sense of Black nationalism that would aid in the nationalist revolt against liberalism. They refer to politicians they deem insufficiently conservative as 'cucks' or 'cuckservatives,' referring in a fairly Freudian manner to sexual cuckoldry. The gross sexual terminology continues by referring to Leftists as 'dildos' and stating that people who have gone to the liberal side are 'pozzed,' referring to the contraction of HIV via anal sex. This of course appeals to rebellious kids, and extends their base of support among them, as reading serious books and developing fully articulated ideas appeals to an increasingly slim portion of the population."
This idea that the Alt-Right is all about memes is obvious tosh as there are several sites, including our own and even Right On pumping out free and well-written articles every day.

But that, I guess, is the problem. All this content, along with the memes, is free and not behind a pay wall, and the people behind Arktos are all about being paid, otherwise they couldn't afford to pay Matt Forney to write for them, and that essentially means selling books.

The sniffiness about the so-called sophomoric nature of the Alt-Right is key to the article, but then so is its relentless name-dropping of academic and philosophical writers, as if to say "look at all these names I am dropping that you should be reading."

The way to read this article is not to bother with the ideas which are passé and jejeune: apparently we are not in bed enough with Black nationalists (cue cucking jokes) and there is also a low-IQ straw man or two about IQ:
"If a certain people has a higher IQ, why should we view it as immoral if they conquer the less intelligent? If that is the case, then Hong Kong should rule the world, and no other nation should assert itself."
LOL. No, rather than tackle these intellectually-spruced-up absurdities at their own moronic level, it is better simply to "meta-read" the article, by skimming down and noticing the remarkably high name-drop quotient, Among the authors mentioned are:
Oswald Spengler
Alain de Benoist
Alexander Dugin
Julius Evola
Richard Dawkins
Charles Dickens
Jack London
Upton Sinclair
Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Adam Smith
Frédéric Bastiat
Herbert Marcuse
Wilhelm Reich
Thomas Aquinas
Ezra Pound
Father Coughlin
Samuel Huntington
Giorgio Freda
Denis Kearney
Father Charles Coughlin
That's four years of college right there! While not all of these are writers published by Arktos, the meta-message of this piece rings crystal clear:
"You ignoramuses, you have been reading too much free and easy content on the internet. Instead, you should be paying over your money to Arktos for writers from the past or from exotic foreign locales who faced quite different problems from your own."
While reading books can have a certain utility, books should never be read merely to "signal" intelligence or to make profits for publishers.

Another thing that the article is obviously trying to promote is crude ideological confusion, by freely mixing leftism and rightism, ethnocentrism and ethno-decentrism, etc. It is no accident that Mr. Montsalvat has a penchant for "Nazi Maoism," the obvious wave of the future along with my Post-Strasserist-Juche-ism.

While mixing exotic ideological cocktails can also have occasional utility (and may even allow you to signal to 'antifa' how harmless you are), it is more liable to lead to intellectual confusion, which, it must be said has its own utility in driving yet further book sales.

I have to congratulate Arktos on pioneering a radical new form of book marketing. Well done, guys, but think about all those poor trees. Your armchair-centric approach is killing the forests. One other thing, if the Alt-Right really was dead you would be out of business.

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