Feb 25, 2016

Antarian Hate Groups -- the ACLU and the Gremlin Gang -- Defend Black Criminality Over White Police Captain's Call for Law and Order

via Stuff Black People Don't Like

There's no going back now. 

It's coming. 


SBPDL is the ultimate racial seismograph for understanding what's upon us, and minor tremors on the racial Richter Scale are going off nationwide.

We've been told for years the big one is coming, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. 

All we can do is survive it. 

A lot of mixed metaphors here, but you get the picture. 

Most of us will never quite comprehend how many are actually on our side. They just can't fathom a society utterly dominated by those bent on our destruction and subjugation producing individuals able to withstand relentless, unceasing propaganda. 

And as the racial Richter Scale continues to notice tremors across the nation, the fault lines emerge. [ACLU blasts St. Landry’s law and order sheriff’s captain over comments on latest viral video, The Advocate, 2-19-16]:
St. Landry Parish’s law and order sheriff’s Capt. Clay Higgins, known for promising criminals they will be caught and punished, has drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union over the latest televised segment of Crime Stoppers. 
“You will be hunted. You will be trapped. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire,” Higgins said in the segment that aired on KATC-TV on Wednesday. 
Higgins directed the message at the seven alleged Gremlins street gang members who remain at large. The Gremlins gang hails from Vermilion Parish, namely Abbeville, but Higgins used the highly watched St. Landry Crime Stoppers to publicize the law enforcement effort. 
As in past Crime Stoppers segments, Higgins employs his stern drill sergeant voice, mocking and belittling the fugitives, even sometimes cajoling them to turn themselves in. 
Marjorie Esman, executive director of the ACLU of Louisiana, penned a statement that chastised Higgins’ message for what she said was stepping over a constitutional line. She said the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” was an archaic term that recalled a less civilized law and order period.
But it gets better. ['Gremlins Gang' family members respond to Cpt. Higgins, KATC.com, 2-22-16]:
Family and friends of accused members of the "Gremlins gang" disapprove of things being said about their loved ones.  
A meeting was held today in Abbeville to discuss Cpt. Clay Higgins' comments made in segment that aired on KATC last week. 
In the video viewed millions of times Higgins said, "If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we will return fire." It was one of the many comments that has both sides talking.  
"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members. "Just as Mr. Higgins' mother feels that he's a human being and not an animal. It was uncalled for. It disgusts me, because someone that serves the public...someone with that magnitude to have such negative feelings towards the community that he is obligated to protect and serve did an injustice. " 
Community activist Raymond Brown headed the meeting, and he said they did not leave with derogatory attacks planned on anyone. He feels Higgins did more harm than good with his Crime Stoppers video.  
"He is laughing at this thing and enjoying himself with all the publicity he has generated, but this is no fun and game," Brown said.  
Some left the meeting emotional, because they said the criminal justice process has been damaged in this case.  
"Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke," Carolyn Boudreaux, a mother and grandmother to members of the accused gang members, said. "I probably would feel the same way...trying to find me, I would be scared you're trying to kill me." 
Brown said he plans to send a letter to the justice department and ask for an investigation. 
There is no unseen hand guiding history. Those in power, the oligarchs, can attempt to manipulate the present to ensure they stay in power in the future, but they can't control human nature. The past can be rewritten, but humanity can't.

Despite decades of social engineering, the pressure of nature is building across not just America, but the world.

We were never supposed to save anything; on the contrary, our job was always to survive.

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