Feb 5, 2016

Australian Government Wins Court Case: Detaining Non-White Invaders Off-Shore Perfectly Legal

via BNP News

Australia has for some time paid millions of dollars to Nauru and Papua New Guinea to house asylum seekers that are applying for Asylum in Australia.

The country has been critised and condemned by the international community, but in all fairness their system is perfect.

A genuine asylum-seeker, that is fleeing from war, persecution and all the other horrors that come from war zones, would have no problem living in a camp until their claim is processed. Nor would they have a problem with making do with living in a place like Papa New Guinea once their claim has been processed.

Those that are just economic migrants, quite simply would never see Australia's shores, nor would they get the chance to give the authorties the run around once their claim has been refused.

Australia claims that their policy has saved lives. We agree. The figures speak for themselves:

Australia migrant deaths at Sea
Year Deaths
2015 3
2014 4
2013 217
2012 242
2011 330
Source : http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/thebordercrossingobservatory/publications/australian-border-deaths-database/

So there it is in black and white. Thousands of migrants have died thanks to the European political elite.

In 2015 3,406 migrants have died trying to get to Europe. The humane thing to do, is what Australia has done:
  • Secure Europe's borders.
  • Provide a solution for genuine asylum seekers that's unplatatble to economic migrants.
Do you think Europe should have a system similar to Australia?

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