Feb 26, 2016

Beauty Is Its Own Argument

via BUGS

Freedom has been defined as being able to go after what you want, as in the pursuit of happiness.

But freedom is also the right to WANT what you want.

And to SAY what you want.

Anyone who has spent time in Latin America or other colored countries knows that it is not a typical Latin American who is preferred for TV down there.

As one anti-White put it, “South American TV looks like its casting was done by David Duke.”

The same problem comes up with the lack of Black people getting Academy Awards.

The same situation came up when Bay Watch with its blond beauties totally wiped out other TV shows throughout the COLORED world. It was popular here, but outside the white world it totally swamped other shows.

So when a Black woman features in a movie or TV show, the White actors’ dialogue repeats and repeats and repeats “She is beautiful.”

No character ever had to say that about Wonder Woman or the bathing blondes on Baywatch.

When I see a Black dating a blonde, I feel sorry for the children. I hear Blacks say the same thing privately.

But you are only allowed to consider whether, when the sex act that leads to a child takes place, the interracial couple are Truly in Love.

You are required to forget, whether you are White or Black, that it is the child and the child’s offspring who have to live with the result forever.

Enslavement is being denied the right to pursue happiness, to get what YOU want.

But enslavement BEGINS with not being able to SAY what you want.

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