Feb 12, 2016

British National Party Back on the Register

via BNP News

The successful re-registering of the BNP comes just days before the Electoral Commission is due to announce the donations and loans report of political parties for the last quarter of 2015.

It’ll show that the BNP received a massive £180,000 from just two bequests in that short time, guaranteeing David Furness’ standing on behalf of the BNP in the London Mayoral race this coming May.

Not only does this mean that the BNP started the new year without carrying any debts over into 2016, but also that all the donations flooding in now go straight to the frontline in our election campaigns.

The BNP needs £25,000 to stand our BNP London Mayoral election along with standing a full-slate of BNP candidates in the Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections.

With the hostile media frenzy, and foolish bleatings from Muslim-appeasing politicians such as the Labour’s Margaret Hodge, following last month’s disagreement with the Electoral Commission, donations to the BNP have increased.

We now have £17,000 in the GLA war chest, and with money flooding in from dedicated patriotic donors, the BNP is not only well set to reach the £25,000 target, but fighting fit to provide native Londoners and the people of Britain with a genuine voice.
  • £10,000 to stand our BNP Mayoral candidate, David Furness
  • £10,000 for a BNP double-page spread in the official London Mayoral elections booklet which is sent to 5Million Londoners
  • £5,000 deposit to a full slate of candidates on the GLA list

This string of good news, comes just before the release of the new BNP eagerly awaited issue of IDENTITY, with this issue being dedicated to stopping the Islamification of our capital city and country.

Strengthening the BNP

Bequests to the BNP from patriots who want to fight on even after they’ve gone, have greatly strengthened the BNP over the years and panicked political opposition who have desperately tried to write-off the patriotic party time and time again.

There are many different reasons why people have decided to leave a legacy to the BNP.

As well as the many rock-solid patriots that recognise that the BNP is the only political party fighting to keep Britain British, we also have an increasing amount of animal lovers changing their wills from the RSPCA and other such organisations because they refuse to condemn the barbaric religious ritual slaughter of animals.

Perhaps the most fascinating and contentious reason that people have decided to leave money to the BNP is because their relatives are far-left anti-British political activists or members of the Labour Party.

Why don’t you help secure the future of British nationalism by leaving a legacy to BNP? Find out more here.

Fair treatment from the media

In the interests of fair reporting, and as the corporate media’s own code of conduct dictate, the BNP is asking for nothing more than fair and equal reporting.

The BIG NEWS is the fact that the BNP is now fully re-registered with the Electoral Commission, and gearing up to stand a full-slate of candidates in the GLA, and a BNP London Mayoral candidate, David Furness, while standing in target seats across the country.

The BNP is indestructible and here to stay. Join us today! Call now on 0844 809 4581or join online here.

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

P.S. The BNP is back on the electoral register and building our campaign for the May elections. Count yourself in - join the winning team today!

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