Feb 22, 2016

Buried Alive: On Montsalvat’s Autopsy of the AltRight

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Eugene Montsalvat has issued an attack on the “alternative right” masquerading as an autopsy over at the new RightOn site. Declaring the movement dead at this historical moment is preposterous. Speaking as an old believer who actually knows what being in a hopeless and sinking movement feels like, I can say with complete confidence that we’re not in need of an autopsy any time soon.
When the broad movement now called “the alternative Right” seemed to arise around 2010, the hopes were quite high. The then-editor of The Occidental Quarterly stated that he hoped it would introduce young conservatives to things such as the European New Right, Third Positionism, the Conservative Revolution, Traditionalism, and Rightist anti-capitalism.
The first deception is the notion that the whole thing was actually engineered by the Old Right at all. It wasn’t, and both the paleoconservative White Nationalist and European New Right movements have consistently fought the whole thing tooth and nail. They continue to do so in a roundabout and besieged manner. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this at all. The WN leadership’s plan was to try to “influence elites” and inject themselves into Tea Party and pro-capitalist libertarian ideological projects, always being careful to avoid the triggers, tap dance around the JQ, and confine racial issues to scientific journals and dry crime statistics.

The kids in the imageboards and IRC channels had their own plans. We all–self-inclusive–were surprised to discover that the outreach model was entirely upside-down. Alienated young men became fixated on Holocaust Revisionism, on Jewish subversion, on lampooning and lambasting minority and immigrant communities, on reviving A Wyatt Mann comics, on fighting capitalism, and–most importantly–on being unapologetically radical.

As much as both we would like to imagine that what’s happening was planned by the old guard, and as much as the SPLC and others would like to validate our vanity on this matter, it’s not true.
Instead of becoming a bridgehead for the thought of Conservative Revolutionary or New Right figures such as Oswald Spengler, Alain de Benoist, or Alexander Dugin to enter American political discourse, it has become a rallying point for those who wish to defend capitalism from low-IQ populations, all its theories being couched in the most immature terminology dredged from the recesses of the Internet.
Everything else in the tediously repetitive autopsy is a repetition of this excerpt. Like just about every biological relativist, he sets up a false dichotomy where he insists that our side reduces everything to race and biology. This couldn’t be more false for the #altright clique. Their two greatest war cries are “cuckold” and “degenerate,” terms which firmly target in-group misbehavior rather than biological inferiority. Their greatest targets are White “cuckservatives” and Jewish oligarchs, …not Mexican peasants and homeless Blacks.

And where’s this supposed defense of capitalism? Their mainstream champion Trump is calling for deep investments in national infrastructure, running on a platform of stiff tariffs and higher wages for industrial workers, fully socialized healthcare, and even (qualified) expansion of investment in specifically women’s healthcare issues. This is emphatically not some libertarian-style project, and I challenge Eugene to point to these capitalism-friendly people in the places these people are active.
In the best case scenario, it is one step in the extended process of breaking a person out of the paradigm of liberal egalitarianism towards a philosophical conception of human difference. In this sense, a biological understanding of human inequality should be seen as a transitory phase. Yes, humans are indeed biologically different, yet this biological conception of difference is only a shallow understanding of essential human differences. For a more in-depth understanding of human inequality, we must move beyond pure biological materialism, which replicates an Enlightenment rationalist understanding of the world, and enter into the Traditionalist doctrine of race, as understood by Julius Evola.
Blah blah blah… Typical “Rainbow Trad.”

Race matters. Biology matters. Julius Evola didn’t actually deny this if one reads his work in full. He did critique some of the more heated cattle-breeding excesses of his age’s fascism, as do I. But the anti-White conservative “Traditionalist” always plays this same rhetorical shell game. The biological realities of race, gender, and diversity within and between race and gender aren’t some sort of stage in awakening one eventually surpasses after having imbibed enough verbose esoterica. They are reality. They are fact. They are incontrovertible components of any political approach which is rooted in actuality rather than mere theory.

Some way, somehow, people like Eugene will find a way to insist that being pro-White in any manner or form makes one an unenlightened, spiritually deficient, and metapolitically vulgar rube. Rainbow Trads, like Neocons, are happy to exploit racial friction as a gateway to drinking their kool-aid. But they have no intention of actually confirming or supporting our struggle to exist. Our struggle to preserve our flesh is a distraction from their abstractions.

But this is less a matter of kool-aid than it is milkshakes. Eugene’s insisting that racialists are drinking his Traditionalist milkshake. If anything, it’s the other way around. The young men propelling the altright are first awakened and motivated by the toxic racial politics that Western Millennials are exposed to.

They’re accurately identifying many Traditionalist and Counter-Revolutionary ideals as solutions to those problems. And they’re correct about the transformative power of Radical Traditionalist ideals. You’ve just got to ignore the Rainbow Trads who wish to terminate the process by insisting (falsely) that Tradition is somehow multicultural and implicitly anti-White.
With “race of the soul,” we can talk about the various spiritual characteristics that define a certain people. Thus, if one abides by a Jewish morality, one could be a member of the “Jewish race of the soul” while being entirely Gentile in a biological sense.
He’s an absolute biological relativist who would gladly abide the complete genocide of our race while rambling about how the “white race of the soul” lives on in Asians playing Beethoven or whatever.
As for “race of spirit,” it defines how different people within a society relate to the divine.
He can carry on all he wants with his shell game, but his bottom line remains consistent. He will obstruct a healthy racial awakening at each step of the way, regardless of how much one demonstrates that one is not monomaniacally obsessed with reducing everything to biology. As a representative sampling, our past dozen articles have offered a representative smattering of anti-capitalist, traditionalist, anti-semitic, strategic, and political commentary. Some of it intersects with race, and much of it doesn’t.

According to our opponents, we’re singularly “obsessed” with race, but the record suggests that they’re singularly obsessed with our position on race. If you take a pro-White position and refuse to back down, the anti-Whites will become obsessed with you.
Furthermore, it’s distinctly uninspiring, since no man will charge a machine gun nest to defend an IQ study. Men die for higher, transcendent visions of being.
More machine gun nests have been charged on behalf of one’s folk than on behalf of Spenglerian historiography.

The rest is a critique of elements of the altright who are obviously old guard operators. They are unrepresentative of the actual milieu. Many White Nationalists who were around long before the imageboard kiddies came along are trying to make things pro-capitalist, anti-Russia, feminist, and anti-Islamic. The kids aren’t falling for it. They’re not falling for either the tone deaf paleocon buffoonery of the old school racialist movement actors or the vapid and vacuous Rainbow Trad nonsense which has dominated Europe’s New Right intellectual circles since long before the altright became a thing.

The altright neither belongs to America’s paleocon White Nationalist clique nor to Europe’s New Right ideologues. It’s a fluid and organic social phenomenon which is still growing, still learning, still developing, and still in the process of defining itself.
And to top it all off, all these alternative Right positions are articulated in the most immature and crude ways imaginable. The mass influx of people from Internet message boards, such as 4chan’s /pol/, into the alternative Right milieu has given a sophomoric coloring to its discourse. Instead of well-developed arguments, memes and cheap catchphrases abound, often quite tasteless.
This betrays the first mistake Eugene made. We all like to imagine that things belong to us. Of course, he assumes that the altright belongs to the European New Right. It does not. Paleocon White Nationalists make the same mistake. /pol/ didn’t invade something which already existed. /pol/ is the alternative right. He’s obviously invested very little time in investigating the origins of these things, as he would discover that the imageboards simultaneously host some of the most informed and intelligent discourse available…in conjunction with their shock comedy.
This of course appeals to rebellious kids, and extends their base of support among them, as reading serious books and developing fully articulated ideas appeals to an increasingly slim portion of the population.
It completely escapes him that the rebellious kids indulging in the shocking jokes are indeed reading serious books and are indeed capable of delivering more fully articulated presentations of their ideals. Even if the appropriate term for the behavior is “immaturity,” immaturity is a welcome relief from the sterility and senility which has suffocated the Right for far too long.
However, no serious intellectual can entertain an ideology based on Internet subcultural in-jokes, never mind the vast majority of the general population.
Perhaps he delivered his draft before Trump crushed it in the South Carolina primary? And, of course, the ideology isn’t based on the subcultural in-jokes. That’s another cheap shot coming from the man who purports to be the standard bearer of serious and fancy adult discourse.
Finally, we must start building serious movements and developing think-tanks that produce serious ideas rather than Internet memes.
What he doesn’t get is that the kids producing the Internet memes are more serious than the men in the Right wing think tanks. Having spent a fair share of time behind the curtains of both, I can confirm this to be the case. At the think tank conferences, there are silly old men preening and carrying on about capitalism-friendly entryist faggotry (when they can be bothered to speak more about ideas than about their investment portfolios and banquet meals).

Meanwhile, hyper-fixated teens and young adults are scrolling through trending tags on social media at this very moment, poised like vipers to develop and deploy a cutting barb against the elite narrative in the service of their very seriously held and thoughtfully considered identitarian and traditionalist vision. The person who injected “White Genocide” into national discourse a few weeks ago with a comedic meme is a fifteen year old. A fifteen year old!

He’s not some “puerile teenage capitalist.” He’s a national socialist with no patience whatsoever for capitalist or colonialist nonsense. The New Right wasn’t rejected on account of the altright’s lack of intelligence, lack of maturity, or lack of having read thick books. These kids are some serious readers. The European New Right is only receiving a partial hug precisely because of the sort of thing we see here; capitulation on identity, cowardly disengagement from the culture war, and “low energy” unwillingness to adopt a radial posture in opposition to our enemies.

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