Feb 26, 2016

Deport Them all and Let God Sort 'Em out: Enter the Mind of Wasserman Schultz

via Alternative Right

Following the conquest of Nevada by Trumpist insurgents, the Democratic party is wishing it had worn brown pants on February 23rd. The double-barreled chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, ((((Debbie Wasserman-Schultz)))), issued a very boilerplate reaction to the Trumpenkrieg, indicating opposition from the mainstream left has reached its rhetorical plateau. They are, if you will, stumped by Trump.
Donald Trump’s victory tonight means he has won the vast majority of the Republican primary delegates to this point, and is well on his way to winning his party’s nomination.
That's right. This train doesn't come with brakes.
After years of pandering to extremists, the Republican Party is now stuck with what it created: a field of extreme candidates with views far out of the mainstream and out of touch with the American people.
This is the ad nauseam talking point that somehow beltway pundits, being to the right of their politicians just as the ((((New York Times)))) is to the left of Democrats, are to blame for cultivating the White populism, burgerclap patriotism, and desire for economic protectionism that is fueling the rising fire of Trump (and to a reduced effect, Cruz).

This would be true if maybe Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter were the anchors of Fox News and editors of National Review. But they aren't. White conservatives are watching the United States tumble demographically and ideologically and are reacting to it by themselves. Unlike the pet populations the left is so used to gaming for votes, they have enough agency to favor policies outside of wealth redistribution and affirmative action. Nativism and national self-interest are becoming mainstream because people want them. There are people who want to Make America Great Again in a way that doesn't involve importing liberal voters. To call someone winning the race "out of touch" reveals one's own aloofness. Not that I would expect ((((Wasserman-Schultz)))) to be attuned to goyish concerns.
At least with Trump, he’s not shy about exposing what the Republican brand has truly become. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are every bit as extreme as their party’s frontrunner, they just hide it better. Well the voters are seeing right through it, which is why Marco Rubio got exactly zero delegates out of South Carolina in his virtual tie with Ted Cruz and was dealt a fourth consecutive loss by the voters of Nevada tonight.
Trump is not the Republican brand. He is completely disruptive. Jeb Bush was supposed to win the nomination; a man so open to immigration and ethnic replacement that he married a Mexican and claims to speak Spanish at home. That is the Republican brand. The idea that all the other candidates are just crypto-Trumpists is equally asinine and signals the indignation of ((((Wasserman-Schultz)))) more than it does explain the real fissures within American conservatism. I wish everyone running was crypto-Trumpist, but they aren't. They're mostly shades of cuckservative who are too afraid of being right. The DNC seems to understand ideological diversity about as well as the ((((Soviet Union)))).
The losers tonight will no doubt try once again to spin their failure as a victory. It’s not.
I agree. The race for second and third place between Rafael Cruz and Maricon Rubio is a tight one. May the most subpar shabbos win. But of course, second place doesn't mean you're getting anything out of the primary. The nominee doesn't owe you and might resent you for being his closest rival. If silver goes to Rubio, I can't imagine Trump appointing a Wall Street favorite and amnestyist to anything in his administration.

Mainline conservativism will not be the same after Trump. Agree-and-amplify only works if you have dominance and clearly it is slipping for the concern trolls in the Democratic party. It's the current year, and as I said last current year: The age of cucks is over. The time of the shitlord has come.

Super Tuesday is next week, meaning almost 600 delegates are up for grabs across 12 states. It is the largest single total available on one day and could very well KO some of Trump's rivals. May meme magick grant us victory in the South and beyond.

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