Feb 19, 2016

European Parents Are Completely Unprepared for the Non-White Invasion

via BNP News

The parents in Europe are completely unprepared for the invasion of rampant and ingrained sexual deviancy of these men.

Normal life has been destroyed and will not return unless and until these men are returned to their own countries.
They treat their own children like rubbish – they butcher them, sell them, use them for criminal purposes and even turn some of them into killers.

We don’t live like this and don’t have the structures in place or the manpower to police our countries adequately.

No one was prepared for this invasion except the people traffickers and the economic migrants who were lining up to pay their handlers.

They had all the plans in place – we were sitting ducks. We need our Armed Forces on the ground but the leaders won’t do this. They won’t save even the children of Europe to protect their evil EU Empire.

Not even train stations or swimming pools or school are spared.

What has Merkel the Mad unleashed? The whole of Germany is being turned into Rotherham.

It’s difficult to believe that any human being, let alone Merkel, could be so brainless, and I strongly suspect that she is acting under orders, but heaven knows who is issuing the orders.

Her threats to Greece are entirely empty in view of the fact that anything she does to destroy that country immediately creates a bonfire of hundreds of billions of Euros of German loans.

Who in their right mind would allow mass immigration to plunge their country into an economic winter, which is inevitable with a massive number of migrants requiring indefinite life support and even getting them into any form of work will be a cost to the state ? Just trying to prevent them murdering and raping the local population will be costly enough and there is evidence that local imams are licking their lips to have a new force at their disposal.

If she didn’t know before she must now know that her political career won’t last much longer and, as the repercussions of her disastrous decisions come back to haunt her, the pressure to bring her career to an end will mount. Not even the media and her propaganda machine will save her.

Even if she throws money at the problem the true patriots of Germany have shown that they won’t stand by as their future housing and prosperity is handed to migrants.

It will be an unusual first if Merkel finds she is having to defend herself from the right and the left.

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