Feb 10, 2016

Female Problems

via Alternative Right


They are a problem.

I mean let's face it. Yes, we all want to avoid upsetting the precious few fillies actually on our side, as they can get rankled and think we are going to fetishize Islam and 're-enslave' them. But there is a problem with the overall contemporary female outlook that must be soberly addressed with merciless aplomb, since reality itself is growing more merciless by the hour.

I'm going to speak as deliberately as I can here, in a spirit of Hellenic rhetoric, to avoid any muddling mists of compassion or residual political correctness, or any appeal to mediocre moderation that may weaken the necessary tidings. Besides, it has been my recent experience that women who are 'in the know' appreciate more and more a man who speaks his mind, even if it is to criticize them harshly. And in fact (at the Facebook page on which I am an administrator) they are reacting less to middling comments, such as broad 'allowable' anti-feminist sentiment, and more shouting encouragement at the harshest, strongest criticism possible. They can see the writing on the wall, and have come to the following conclusions: 1)Their fellow women must be removed from political office and powerful positions at once. 2) They must be stopped from taking off their clothes in public as a brainless, pseudo-"political" response to various vapid cultural provocations. 3) Men should generally "man up" and once again take charge of what used to be called the "masculine" realm.

How could these few identitarian women be so righteously anti-feminist, when we know their natural predilection for the feelings-based 'reasoning' of political correctness, an inclination which has turned the majority of their sex into a suicidal robot army of painted-breast whores and smug "racists-for-rapists" flower girls?

Why,for the same reason that these same women could also be so obtuse as to fall for all the easy lies of liberalism to begin with, at the expense of their ancestors, families, and future: Namely, reason is not always compelling to them. They obey different laws, and serve different masters. They are, at base, an irrational, even an anti-rational species.

And it is precisely for this reason that women ought not be given the reins of societal control. Our ancestors knew this as inalienable fact, from the point of recorded history until around 1968. We would be wise to relearn it ourselves: the sooner, the better.

Nature sets her compass by unstoppable tides. Human cultural change is a product of nature, and she enjoys nothing more than a sweeping unpredictable revision. Women are more in tune with nature in a way, though it is true they are 'very soft inside' (an apt definition I was told by a Nigerian cab driver, who explained to me why the fairer sex tends to love astrology). And it is true that they are less in tune with the harsher scope of reality.

Nudity as social protest, or something.
They are, however, more in balance with indescribable and unseen movements in the instinctual realm, pertaining to culture and much more. This keeps them, in the aggregate, in a plant-like cultural continuity. They drift on a current that follows the eddies of trend and convention, dictated by forces as seemingly intangible as the wind, or the movement of the spheres. It is the same group stasis that has made them unstoppable foot soldiers of destructive modernity. They follow their kind own like a herd of gazelles, pursuing what the culture tells them to pursue, going where the tide commands them to go. What they think other ladies are doing and thinking, what they see on the TV and what they are told by professors with authoritative voices, they believe implicitly. The reasoning behind action is meaningless.

Thankfully the valkyres of the burgeoning 'alt right' know they have been duped and that the large mass of European women need radical re-education. These savvy new women want to have children, want their men to be strong, and don't want to raise impotently angry, gender neutral larval-eunuchs. I also believe the majority of these women are now ready to levy deserved blame on the doughy majority of spoiled feminist cat ladies who continue to invite rapists and child molesters and homicidal enemies into our homes.

Out of compassion.

Women with the anti-feminist perspective are growing in number today, but they won't get anywhere without strong leadership from European men. These women know that men are their natural defenders and leaders, and they want us to be in control, to kill this wretched emotion-based tyranny that has left us so prone to invasion from without and decay from within.

The 'career women' I know, who waste their time all day in a cubicle feeling their wombs dry up, come home to obsessively watch cooking shows and fawn over cute pets in place of children. They keep their houses clean, and they make sure their friends and relatives get Christmas cards. After all, managing a home is in their biology. Deep down, on an inchoate level, they know that they're missing out, and they feel sorrow, even despair over this fact, which they dare not admit to anyone, least of all themselves.

Yikes, the infernal 
tick of the bio-clock!
Of course, going back to patriarchal norms doesn't mean forcing all females everywhere into the traditionalist mold. Women who have an inclination to succeed in a job or at politics will find a way to do so, regardless of circumstances. Still, it makes no sense to turn society upside down to pretend every single woman is a potential Joan of Arc. Today, the vast majority of Western women are trapped in a bovine state of 'equality screeching'. They can be seen online making endless pandering, angry, irrational statements, literally screeching with anger over simple words they imagine as 'hurtful'. Homosexualist sex parades are like Christmas for these women, meaningless modernist art is their muse. They swarm in online comments, fretting forever that they are about to be raped by white men on a college campus, while not having the remotest concern in the world that young women and infant boys are being stabbed, groped, and gang-raped by our untouchably ethnic invaders.


How much more will it take before those women see the worm has turned, and follow the trend started by their younger, stronger, and comelier identiarian counterparts? Very difficult to say, but as a realist, I feel it's not something we have to time to sit around waiting for. How can Frau Merkel still be in power? What paralysis allows us to watch her destroy us in this blinkered, bureaucratic manner?

For, despite what some may claim, I am not convinced that Merkel is a puppet of internationalist handlers. Instead, sometimes things are just exactly as they appear. Merkel is unstoppable because of modern Western cultures' underlying sense of entitled feminism; her childlessness has made her desperately altruistic, and the photo op of the drowned Syrian boy has brought the full weight of her emotions to bear upon the continent of Europe itself, which is being steered to its final doom by her irrational effeminacy. Her bottomless narcissistic 'pain' will be paid in due by the sacrifice of an entire people. Furthermore, as a woman of her type, I do not believe she will ever truly feel a sense of accountability for what she has done, though she in every sense deserves the traitor's fate.

Maybe Merkel really means it.
There are two roads before us: one is death, the other salvation. We men must find a way to take charge in every way available to us, discreetly avoiding the roving eye of our traitorous feminist governments. We must, simply put, get our women back under control.

We must rebuild our sacred patriarchal family structure, and begin having larger families within healthy traditional homes. If we fail at saving our women from their civilization-killing emotional free fall, our strongly patriarchal, Saracen friends are going to do it for us. Cowardice in this matter will ensure the world is cast in darkness. There is no way to sweeten this grim and baleful message.

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