Feb 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Peddling Fear and Hatred of White Men to Women and Black Voters

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This is your campaign. It is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 20, 2016

Who’s holding them back? Who else but the white man. That all powerful mythical evil figure whose mission is to oppress everyone.

The source article for this post was written by the economist Thomas Sowell, who happens to be a black man.

His pieces are always informative but we can add something to this one: THE WHITE MAN.

Dr. Sowell does not name the white man. Hillary Clinton may not name the white man either, but the enemies of blacks and women that she insinuates control America can only be the white man.

Hillary isn’t going to criticize the Jew man or the Negro man, not even indirectly. Thus, her insinuation is that we white males are oppressing women and blacks but that Hillary will smash us to pieces. That’s the vile message of this Satanic monster who’s married to a serial rapist. Maybe she’s projecting her degenerate husband onto all white men.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell:
Her basic pitch to black voters is that they have all sorts of enemies and that blacks need her to protect them, which she is ready to do if they vote for her. In short, Hillary’s political fate depends on spreading fear and, if possible, paranoia.

Similar attempts to get the votes of women are based on conjuring up enemies who are waging a “war on women,” with Hillary again cast in the role of someone ready to come to their rescue, if they will give her their votes.
In both cases, rhetoric and repetition take the place of hard evidence. The closest thing to evidence being offered is that the average income of blacks is not the same as the average income of whites, and the average income of women is not the same as the average income of men.
The lower intelligence of blacks would explain their lower earnings while the lower earnings of women reflect to a large degree the differences in their qualifications.
Anyone who is being serious — as distinguished from being political — would have to take many factors into account before saying that male-female income differences, or black-white differences, are due to people with identical qualifications and experience being paid differently.
Hillary Clinton isn’t serious about truth. She’s only serious about her own personal obsession with being the first woman president.

She’s damn dangerous though. Her tactics slander white men. Her policies, if she ever holds another political office, will demolish anything resembling a society based on merit.

Obama took blacks and intensified their hatred of white people. Hillary will take blacks and woman and intensify the hatred of white men.

If we’re lucky those coughing fits of hers signify some serious health problem that leaves her disabled.

As Dr. Sowell writes, Hillary is out to deepen the already deep divisions in America to benefit herself.

What about blacks, women or others who believe the political hype? Will that help them improve their lives, or will it be anther counterproductive distraction for them and another polarization of society that helps nobody, except those who seeking votes? As for the media, they are covering the political contests, not the effects of the lies generated in these contests.


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