Feb 2, 2016

#HitlerWasRight! Demonstration Newcastle 23/01/2016 – Video and Action Report

via National Action

Our most recent demonstration in Newcastle and the subsequent media shoah have kicked off an absolutely fantastic start to the year. It feels great to once again see headlines like “‘Hitler was right’: Fascist protesters stormed city centre yesterday” and “Sieg-heiling neo-Nazis demonstrate with ‘Hitler Was Right’ banner“. It is a testament to the genius of National Action that even in such small numbers we can make an impact, this thing appears to have gone viral before we have even been able to make any releases – now finally we have our response.

The disgusting migrant shitwave that has hit Europe is now facing backlash after the New Year’s mass rape attacks that have occurred in the half a dozen European Countries that have taken the most. The British Government have so far only taken 35,000 rapeugees of our 230,000 ‘quota’ so it is of utmost importance that this issue was brought to the attention of our people as most right wing groups seem unconcerned about what is directly happening on the rest of the continent.

Our aim was also to establish a presence in the city and the North East in general. Young men and women from the public became very excited during the demonstration and registered interest in the group which has been followed up with support. In regards to our practical and political aims we certainly consider this to have been a great success. Newcastle has been very good to us, the police were very nice for a change, and we would certainly like to return some time with local support.

The reaction from twitter subhumans was hysteria; they couldn’t believe we were allowed any freedom “OH MY GOD THESE PEOPLE DID SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE ARREST THEM ARREST THEM!” So naturally much was made of an incident where a National Action activist allegedly “attacked” a so called ‘innocent busker’ “OH LOOK THEY PUSHED A GUY, THERE MUST BE A FULL INVESTIGATION.” Politicians have seized on this and denounced it, demanding valuable police resources be poured into an investigation which the media claims is currently looking over CCTV footage (yeah right). This is despite the police statement and the fact that officers on the scene indicated for the Busker to stop causing a disturbance. Had he felt himself the victim of a crime at the time he could have easily asked them to intervene and press charges – but the guilty way in which he packed his instrument betrays his true nature.

The truth is he was lucky not to have been arrested himself. The vile Bolshevik animal with the trumpet was threatening to breach public order and was assaulting members of the public with his horrid noise as a means of disrupting our demonstration. If you view the video closely you can clearly see him assuming a combat stance as he quickly turns around, our activist instinctively gave a response to disable any violent aspirations the potential criminal might have had despite the incoherent screaming of some mad woman whom the media have universally branded as “courageous”.

It is not our protocol to ever initiate any kind of violence, but the courageous and selfless act of our activist successfully and quickly diffused the situation without any further action or either side needing to waste the time of the authorities.
We stand by the actions of our man, he was a hero. Shut up.

The fallout from this is that pundits, politicians and councillors have been pounding their chests like animals posturing for us to “stay out of Newcastle.” We did not break any laws, and they do not reference legal means, so they are making a criminal threat. It is basically saying “we are going to abuse our power to hurt you if National Action dare come back”. You know what, fuck you, this is our country and hardly anyone running the city seems to be British – we do not expect you to respect the right of indigenous peoples not to be ruled over by an alien minority, but we expect you to at least follow your own law. You will not get the chance to do anything because we are National Action, we strike without warning – once again we had a great time in Newcastle and the people there love National Action. We WILL be back!

Many people, including former council workers contacted us to say how hypocritical this was, criticism in particular was directed at councillor Dipu Ahad who posted the video of the ‘busker attack’ that got 150,000 views on facebook.
Were you the person at monument yesterday? I’m messaging you because I’m interested and both scared. Since the pegida march in Newcastle I’ve been pretty frightened. We have a member of the council called dipu ahad who really doesn’t help any situation. Dipu always ignores real issues. He only cares about Muslim issues.
Newcastle is becoming one of those towns where the far right and left just battle each other all the time. I’ve been involved in the left for a long time now. I’m not so involved since the refugees welcome campaign. A lot of people say what ‘was the point in the (second world) war?’ now.

Action Report – Newcastle 23/01/2016

We arrived in Newcastle between 12 and 1pm, with most of the regions representing (including a decent turnout from NA Scotland). We then entered the city, with a rendezvous at a quiet bar, before heading in the direction of the centre.

We marched toward the monument, which loomed over the city, practically beckoning us to come. Already we were getting noticed, and a few of the troops struck up friendly conversation with a group of Muslim leafleters on the evils of Zionism. We also approached by a group of colourful teenagers who were gleefully provided with samples of our stickers and leaflets. When the area was cleared we amassed and unfurled our banner. The bold words -REFUGEES NOT WELCOME #HITLERWASRIGHT spread a noticeable hush and awe through the shoppers who quickly formed a crowd to see what was about to go down.
“Before his death Adolf Hitler said “My spirit will rise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right”. “Hitler was right” expresses in three words our condemnation of everything wrong with the world, because it all stems from this tragic defeat. In the context of the refugee crisis, he was right to say that white western civilisation was worthy of defence, and Adolf Hitler WAS western civilisation.” – NA press release
Lined in disciplined ranks, we announced ourselves and gave a fiery speech, denouncing the 1%, the refugee ‘crisis’ and the bankers and leaders who had orchestrated recent events and who continued to scam the British people. A few members of the public attempted a futile debate, but the group of young people at the front became very excited and were saluting us. a Crypto-Jewish busker began blaring on his saxophone in an attempt to drown out the truthful words being spoken. He was swiftly dealt with by a loyal operative, and began shouting and leering along with other Jewish elements, and they become more vitriolic and incoherent as our second speaker took the floor, but it didn’t make much difference.

The rest of the crowd were enjoying the spectacle immensely, when we finished with the defiant words “You may disagree with what we have to say- but at least we fight!”, we were greeted with an applause that felt awesome. These people can not have all been genuinely supportive of us, but that is irrelevant to the fact that they were not disrupted by the leftists in the crowd – people were entertained, not angry. We were approached again by the teens who were keen to learn more about us, and we are first and foremost a youth organisation.

We then headed toward the obligatory Union building, posing for a few photographs, and quickly dealing with a red stalker, who turned pale and insisted he was just waiting for his dad (despite having followed us on his phone from the monument).

We then split into groups, handing out information and generally just 5 wording the hell out of the city.

Heading down toward the quayside, the majestic Tyne bridge loomed in front of us, and we just knew we had to get a photo on it. We flew the flag over the bridge and got a few good propaganda shots. Bypassers seemed more in silent admiration for us, with a few mudshark couples giving disgruntled looks- but as had been seen all throughout the day, such individuals were too cowardly to even muster a response.

We settled for a few drinks, and generally continued to enjoy ourselves in the city which welcomed us. We’ve seen a steady stream of support and inquiries from this one event, and unlimited publicity from the general public.

This year is set to be an eventful one.

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