Feb 18, 2016

If We're Going to Talk about the Cataclysm, Let's not Leave out the Catalyst

via Koinen's Corner

Here we have an informative and alarming article about the ongoing Middle Eastern and North African (Muslim) invasion of Europe:  Islam:  The Jinn is out of the bottle by John Griffing.

And here is a re-post of that article on Western Voices World News, with some introductory comments and some even more disturbing images.

Kudos to author John Griffing for this important essay.

There does seem to be a missing component in his depiction of the situation, however.  And that ingredient is -- Jews.  The always-present complicit and culpable Jews -- Zionist Jews, wealthy 'international' Jews, Israeli Jews, media Jews.  From their role in creating havoc in the Middle East and North Africa since well before the start of this century, to their involvement in the events of the "9/11" attacks, to their domination of U.S. foreign policy following those attacks and the resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to their constant warmongering in that area which has contributed greatly to the troubles in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere, to their trying their damndest to get us into a war with Iran, to their support of all kinds for the Muslim 'refugee' invasion of Europe; it has been Israel and organized Jewry that have been the real 'movers and shakers' in all these terrible situations and events.

One article which exposes that Jewish influence, with specific regard to the so-called 'refugee' invasion: Jews at "Forefront of Welcoming" Invasion.  Links to numerous other articles, which expose Jew billionaire George Soros' efforts to facilitate the Muslim invasion and the consequent destruction of Europe, are available here.

Yes, the 'elephant in the room' really is the Jew, and he is a rogue elephant.  Let's all try to do our part by pulling back the curtain and exposing this monster as he works to destroy the White race and our Western Civilization.

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