Feb 8, 2016

Interview with Juhani Keränen of the Nordic Resistance Movement

via National Action

Juhani Keränen is group leader of city of Oulu for the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland also known as Vastarintaliike, and is the host of nationalist talkshow Studio 204 , feel free to check out their show with Patrick Schröder.
The Nordic Resistance Movement is famed for rarely granting interviews, so this is a privilege to gain insight on one of Europe’s finest National Socialist organisations.

Hello Juhani, how are you?
Hello, I am doing well. I’ve been quite busy in recent months with movement activism, but that is only a good thing!

This seems to have been a very interesting year for Resistance even before the Refugee crisis. NRM-linked registered association published which was delivered to a substantial portion of the Finnish population – how were you able to do this and what was the Outcome?
Yes, the paper “Magneettimedia” (magnet-media) had 88 pages of content that contained articles from our website and from Magneettimedia.com. 270,000 copies were distributed to households, so basically 5% of Finland received our paper. It was a major operation and quite successful!

As you expect there was a backlash. The paper contained a political program that demanded a white Finland which horrified the mainstream media. Many people reported it to the police and they conducted an investigation to determine if any texts broke the law but they didn’t find a thing.

Our publisher was Pohjoinen Perinne. The outlet have lots of anti-zionist, anti-eu, anti-leftist, politically incorrect, some conspiracy, pro-nationalism articles on their website, they don’t back a political party but they some cooperation with Resistance. Before the paper was published, Magneettimedia was condemned to pay over 40,000 euros as a fine, so nobody was expecting that it would come out as paper version.

Holocaust = Lie
Holocaust = Lie

Earlier in the year we reported about the mass arrest that took place, you were there what is your account?
We were returning from a successful march in Jyväskylä when Far-left junkie and a group of his friends came to pick a fight with us and it didn’t end well for him. The fight occurred in front of a department store, there were bunch of red’s inside but most of them abandoned their comrades and fled started to fight with us they decided to run away rather than go help their comrade. The police immediately arrested everyone, which was 40 people. They took me in, but the police were only allowed to hold me for 24 hours.

After the incident that happened in Jyväskylä, police accused us of “rioting” and the media attacked us relentlessly, one outlet called it the “bloodbath in Jyväskylä” even though nobody suffered any serious injuries. Then our prime minister commented that NRM was a criminal organisation and there was a lot of talk about banning our movement though they realised there were no grounds on which they can do this. So what they did was really sneaky, the government are adding an amendment to the “criminal organization law”, now if three or more people are found guilty of “Incitement to ethnic or racial hatred” they can be labelled as criminal organization. So this law is directed clearly against at us. But this shows us, that ZOG is realizing that we are a threat to them, and from that we can conclude that we are doing something right!

The March in Jyväskylä
The March in Jyväskylä

What is the current situation with the charges and what challenges did you face?
Some of our comrades were locked in for 3 weeks. Currently we are waiting for the charges so we don’t know how this will go. Many people saw through mainstream media’s sickening bias and we gained a lot of sympathy. Because we lost section of the leadership briefly, it brought up new people to take their place briefly and from this our movement gained only more strenght. Struggles will only make us more stronger.

We heard that conflict happened with police during Resistance Movements demonstration in Stockholm 23rd of january.
Yes, Nordic Resistance Movement held demonstration in Stockholm and during the demonstration police attacked the demonstration and 40 activists were taken in by police and now our activists are charged with rioting. I interviewed activist Pär Sjögren so i recommend to check the interview for further details.

Now, to discuss the refugee crisis. In Finland this has expressed itself in a very interesting way, the backlash has been massive – what has been the role of the NRM?
I think before the crisis, people were already against mass-immigration but this refugee invasion has brought people onto the streets in mass. Demonstration’s under the name “Close the borders” have been really popular and it has shown that balance of power has changed. Before refugee invasion, in anti-immigration rallies, leftist had more people in the counter-demonstrations but now its the other way around! Our group have participated in as many of these demonstrations as possible, distributing leaflets and our movements “Kansallinen Vastarinta”- magazine to demonstrators. We have been received very well! Other city groups have also participated in demonstrations elsewhere.

At the beginning of the refugee invasion our prime minister had such a big and tolerant heart that he informed the Finnish people he will house refugees in his house (what he didn’t mention was that he gets paid to do this). Suddenly in his town, Kempele, a 14-year old Finnish girl was raped by a refugee, this sparked outrage! A demonstration was planned, we were quite sceptical how many people would go there as weather was rainy that morning. But something about 150-people showed up which is alot for a small town. People there were really beyond furious, that’s all I can say.

There has been much talk about nationalist street patrols. these apparently have been very successful?
Resistance Movement has organized street patrols and they have gained lots of support from the public and have been peaceful most of the time. First street patrols 2014 were organised in Helsinki, against violent immigrant gangs who beat Finnish youth, second night we encountered some far-left thugs and fighting began but the reds couldn’t beat us even though they were better armed.

Last summer we organized street patrol in our city Oulu because a black immigrant was harassing and following Finnish women, we patrolled for two days and second day we found the young Somali guy who followed women around. We gave him a lesson in humility and told him we are gonna be back here if he continues his disgusting activity. Our successful street patrol started heated political discussions, politician from Social Democratic Party showed support to our patrolling and commented that our street patrols prevents crime.

Our street patrols are part of our “Finnish Aid” project. “Finnish Aid” projects goal is to help Finnish people, if its with street patrols to make our streets more secure or giving food to Finnish people that need it the most. In future i hope that we will expand “Finnish Aid” to new areas where we can help our people in different ways.

I noticed that despite the crisis the mainstream nationalist party ‘True Finns’ have taken a hit in the polls, can you provide insight?
Before last elections which we had earlier this year, they were at parliament opposition. There they accused parties in government as turncoats and liar’s. But when they got into government last elections, they turned out to be “turncoats” and they broke election promises constantly and people have turned away from them.
True Finns-party is one those kosher-nationalist parties. They are basically a Finnish equivalent of UKIP. They reconsidered their anti-EU and anti-immigration stances the moment they got power.

After the Jyväskylä incident it was True Finns MP Jari Lindstöm who is minister of justice, that pushed through the little article to the “criminal organization law” that I mentioned before. True Finns MPs, Simon Elo (who has pro-Israel views) also wants to ban Resistance Movement branding us as “evil”. True Finns MP Jussi Halla-Aho supported the TTIP-free trade agreement and leader of True Finns party Timo Soini stated in his personal blog “I am friend of Israel and jews”. Party has also started to become more and more pro-NATO.

Can you discuss the news site mvlehti.net?
Mv Lehti is an alternative news site that gained a lot of attention due to its coverage of the refugee crisis and the crimes of the invaders. They promote us and vice versa. They’ve risen to top 40 of all sites in Finland which makes it one of the most popular news sites. The reason for its popularity is the “no compromise”-attitude, MV lehti names the Jew and posts articles concerning the Jewish power in media and politics and dissects the Holocaust scam. The site has really alarmed the Jewish controlled mainstream media, since it instantly filled a huge void, since before MV we had were fringe alternative media, and MV changed that with one fell swoop. It’s great that a site that is both ‘Jew’ and ‘race’ aware has become the only alternative to the lying press. The site’s popularity is also a great argument against those demanding moderation, thinking watering down ideas will make them appeal to a larger audience.

Front page of Finland’s most popular news site; “10.000 euros if you can prove Holocaust happened”.

The Nordic resistance Movement takes part in the yearly independence day march, account? Difference to previous years?
Yes we had people from the movement in the independence day march called “612”.  I was there too and it was great. Atmosphere was good although weather was lousy but this didn’t matter as the march was important to people who were there. But overall the march went great. Organisers ran out of torches because there was so many people participating. Last year there was around 200 people but this year that number went to 700-900 people, so its huge growth from last year. Also the 612-march is not only for active nationalists but its open for everybody, you could see old and young people and families participating in the march.

Discuss your show Studio 204.
We started Studio 204 this autumn. In Studio 204 we talk about latest happenings of Nordic Resistance Movement. Also we talk about foreign and domestic news. Our show has started well, we have gotten good response. These online podcasts are good way to reach people, I think National Action should try something like this too! You asked what the “204” stands for, let’s just say you probably know it already but just don’t realize it.

We noticed NRM representatives also attended the enormous march in Poland? Are these international trips going to be a more regular thing?
Yes we had couple of activists there, they had contacts among the Polish nationalists and they made report about it on our website. The report was quite exciting.   Our activists have also partipicated in the events in Greece, Germany and Sweden. Our Activists have partipicated in marches in Dresden, “Tag der deutschen Zukunft”,  “Tag der nationalen Arbeit 2014” in Germany. We also had representantives in “Reconquista Europa” event last autumn that was in Germany. We had activists last years IMIA-march in Greece. Our activists have visited Casapound Italy in Rome and Verona. Resistance Movement has lots of events in Sweden like “Activist Days” and “Nordic Days” and street events and we try to send representatives from Finland often as possible there. I hope in the future our activists will partipicate in European nationalist events even more.

Yes, please discuss activist days and briefly touch how NRM already operates across nordic borders.
“Activist Days” are Nordic Resistance Movement’s event. In “Activist Days” there are lots of presentations and lectures. There are also physical trainings and allround you can chat with comrades. There is shop that you can buy books and Resistance related clothes among other things. In Finland, there are no more “Activist Days”, now we have “Future days”. We changed the outlook because we want to highlight the fact that the event is for every Finnish nationalist not only for Resistance members. We had first Nordic Resistance Movement’s cooperation campaign “Refugees not welcome”. Activists and members from Finland, Norway and Sweden distributed anti-refugee propaganda in their own countries. Campaign was a great success. We do translations from each others sites. We also launched “Nordic Council” recently. This council has two representatives from Finland, Norway and Sweden. We launched this council so we can deepen our cooperation between each others. Also this was needed because all of the movements in Nordic countries are the same movement so now we have leaderships from every Nordic country that the movement is active.

What are your plans for 2016?
2016 will be interesting year. Hopefully we will get new activists from city’s and town’s that don’t have Resistance activity yet and from that we can start new city group’s. Our online media “Kansallinen Vastarinta” has become increasingly more active putting out articles and news on the site but we can always be more active in publishing more content. Normally we get around 50,000 unique visitors every month so maybe trying to hit 70-100,000 unique visitors monthly would be good goal next year. We have new online radio programs coming out and with those we can reach new audience. We opened new “Koti” in Helsinki. “Koti” is our movements action center where we organize lectures, presentations and self-defence trainings among other things, so we are definitely excited of future program that will be organized in “Koti”. After the first Nordic Resistance Movements cooperation campaign, i bet we are gonna have more of these in the future. It will be interesting to see how Nordic Resistance Movement will grow in Denmark and Norway. Norway specially have become really active. In Sweden our movement started parliamentary wing and its currently only radical national socialist party in the country. Maybe cooperating with other European nationalist groups will come in the future. So we can conclude that 2016 will one interesting and busy year.

Thank you Juhani, please accept our sincere and best wishes to your group for 2016!

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