Feb 8, 2016

Legion Camp March 18-20

via Legion

Hail Legionnaires!

That time has come.  Another opportunity to overcome, reconnect, self-cleanse, become more.  This event will include a combination of the Legion Camp favourites such as martial arts training, sparring and hiking but with fresh new content delivered by new presenters and trainers with some impressive qualifications.

More details will follow but I ask you to contact me ASAP with a short message to tell me if you are interested in attending.  An initial booking has been made at a venue which I will confirm based upon estimated attendance rate.

The event will be Friday evening until Sunday afternoon in central England and accessible by car and by train.  Ticket prices should be less than £30 for the whole weekend including a bed for both nights.  This is not camping, we have an indoor venue.

No experience required although helpful.  Willingness to get stuck in and learn is more important than current fitness level or abilities.

Staunchly yours,

Matt Legion

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