Feb 29, 2016

On Doomism

via Atlantic Centurion

One of the major challenges a movement like White nationalism has to contend with is a pervading sense of doom. For such a constructive project as nationalism, there must be destruction of some sort—otherwise what use would there be in convincing others that we need to build something new? That destruction is the essence of doomist view—our world is going to be destroyed, we cannot stop it, and we are going to have to live with it, The transformation of the United States into a multiracial White-minority state is one such destruction scenario; it clearly marks the end of an era which has lasted since the 1600s and a huge loss of our habitat as a population. We are fifth century Romans, waiting for someone to come along and deliver the killing blow. And the sands of time for us are running low.

But this destruction is not and will not be sudden and cataclysmic. More akin to geological time, it is all the harder to notice and its heralds look like paranoid and ideological madmen to their high time preference peers. Change is gradual and not enough of our people are cognizant, even all these years after the warnings of Spengler, Grant, Stoddard, Glubb, Powell et al. about the fate of Western civilization. Or they don’t care. Or worse, they think the costs of resisting the decline outweigh the benefits of participating—as the system rots, they are fine rotting along with it, even rationalizing it.

Some people loathe the idea of doom and always look on the bright side of life. The alt-right is bigger than it has ever been, and a new crop of fresh and media savvy nationalists is rising in the United States and Europe. Nativism is a resurgent trend on both sides of the Atlantic as Europe is swamped with foreign hordes dramatizing Camp of the Saints and the United States drifts closer and closer to Brazilian levels of vibrancy. Politicians openly campaign on restricting immigration, deporting illegals, and barring refugees, all of which are overwhelmingly non-white movements of people into White countries. There are good signs that the Overton window is shifting right, and that metapolitical progress is being made that could lead to even further shifts towards explicit ethno-nationalism.

The optimists are right, but the doomists  aren’t wrong. It is often observed that the worsening conditions provide more opportunities for “redpill moments,” and that is what we are seeing. We are indeed facing destruction and there is an ongoing slow collapse, even while we are making progress at the same time! (The accelerationists must be rubbing their hands). These processes are not mutually exclusive—and if we lull ourselves into thinking they are, we will lose. We have to be aware of both forces and keep the big picture in focus. Even though more and more conservative voters are becoming de facto White populists, the 2016 election could ultimately be between a jewish communist and a pro-amnesty Cuban bisexual. These are not signs that US politics are improving, not at the country level.

What it comes down to is as follows: we have to stay positive and keep the fire lit, realizing optimism and doom are emotional responses to our environment and a matter of perspective. They don’t change facts on the ground, only our framing of them. The doomists absolutely have a point when they talk about our demographics and the apathy of the majority of our people. And the optimists are right that we are growing in influence. But, even if we don’t win in the next ten or twenty years or our lifetimes—and I don’t just mean elections—there are still millions of White people on this continent and there will be millions of us in the future. In my opinion, the best case scenario would be a Soviet-style collapse in the near future, and the creation of ethnostates and multicultural states in North America, thus providing us with homeland(s) to secure an existence for our people and a future for our children. But there’s no guarantee that we’re going to get that. We may have to deal with Brazilianization and a low trust society. And if we do, we are going to have to be smart and diligent about it.

If one is truly committed to White racial survival, he has to stay high-energy about it no matter how things go. If the worst case scenario comes—defeat without resistance—our task is to keep the fire lit so we can pass the torch, not mope.


Agency is a must if we want our population to persist without a state and requires deliberate organization. Anglo-Americans are not the first people to have been subjugated in their own homeland. As our government ceases to be our own and our numbers dwindle, no longer will it be a subconscious decision for White people to have White children with White spouses and raise them in our culture—the only people doing this will be ethnocentric. Those who do not care about their identity will simply join the ranks of the imported mocha biomass. That kind of consolidation is powerful. Even in the doomist vision of separatism failing to actualize, there will be potential for resurgence.

Doomists are adept at pointing out downward trends and highlighting how bad things really are. But merely identifying a disaster is not sufficient; one has to either adapt to it or challenge it, not surrender. No one has ever changed the world by being low-energy.

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