Feb 9, 2016

Pretense without Borders

via The Kakistocracy

As modern mores demand, the extent to which a thing may be remarked upon is inversely proportional to the extent it exists. That is why KKK-NNNazis, who are quite thin on the ground, occupy such broad political and media real estate. The fact that no one actually sees any only burnishes their bete noir bonafides. And frankly no group absorbs criticism with more stoic equanimity. Perhaps knowing that outraged SS brigades aren’t going to burn the city down any more than Bigfoot will makes them both ideal celebrities.

Of course, the opposite is also true. We may no more speak of what does occur than hold our tongues to what doesn’t. For instance, exsanguinating muslim horseplay and blacks getting their lives together are far less reclusive phenomenon, and thus may be mentioned only under the bashful providence of bigotry. What is, isn’t said. And what isn’t, goes on the big screen.

All of which makes the following admission of the obvious slightly disconcerting. Do our eyes actually see something even if a politician says it’s there? I’ll leave that question to the Somali philosophers. For now, just consider this.
Borderless world inevitable, says Labour’s John McDonnell
Borders between countries will become “irrelevant” by the end of the century and the UK should prepare for that, John McDonnell has said.
The shadow chancellor said a borderless world was inevitable and people were already “ignoring” existing borders.
He also said the UK should be doing more to help the millions of migrants arriving in the European Union.
Mr McDonnell gave a speech in 2013 in which he suggested borders could become a thing of the past.
Asked to elaborate on this theory, by writer Rahil Gupta, Mr McDonnell said: “Inevitably in this century we will have open borders. We are seeing it in Europe already.
“The movement of peoples across the globe will mean that borders are almost going to become irrelevant by the end of this century so we should be preparing for that and explaining why people move.”
In an interview with the BBC’s Sunday Politics, he said borders will become increasingly difficult to maintain over the next 75 years and will eventually disappear, adding: “We should be opening up the debate of how we handle that.”
He is correct that people are ignoring borders. People specifically within the treasonous state apparatus. As for outsiders, few seem to ignore the Israeli border.
He also wants to explore the migrants’ deep and complex motivations. 1) Gibs 2) White women 3) Self-created shit-hole evacuation. Alright, so that wasn’t entirely the knottiest issue.

Finally, he encourages consideration of how “we” are to handle this unwelcome tide. Well there’s the 1989 Romanian template, for one. Barring that, the friction will be handled in a manner competing tribes always have: via submission, partition, or war. Only through iron determination does a man pretend otherwise.

And pretending is where we excel.

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