Feb 5, 2016


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Real science is based on control of variables and repeatability.

A laboratory is the ideal setting for such an endeavor, because variables can be controlled and experiments can be repeated.

Obviously history isn’t a laboratory and neither are cultures. Actually the opposite: they are so complex and vast in scale that an observer cannot isolate and control variables. (Much less a repetition of history or a culture with one variable being different at the behest of the observer!)

Another way to appreciate the difference is this.

A real scientist can make accurate predictions based on understanding a subject.

But no “Sovietologist” predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, and no “Diversity” consultant predicts the collapse of the “Diversity”/White Genocide system.


Yet despite all this obvious background, Mommy Professor still insists that when she preaches on history and culture that she is a Social “Scientist”.

No surprise there.

The priesthood of EVERY pseudoscience wants itself to appear scientific. That way their silliness may appear serious.

Whether an Early Victorian Thinker, Karl Marx’s “Scientific” Materialism, or L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of “Scientology”, or Mommy Professor’s Social “Science”.

It’s all the same:


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