Feb 19, 2016

SC Washes Out New Hampshire?

via BUGS

South Carolina was once known as a rebellious electorate. Once the primary happens here you will see the pattern no other political analyst has noticed.

No famous political analyst becomes famous for being right. No one ever checks their predictions. A public political writer makes his living by saying what he should say when he needs to say it.

You would be astonished by the difference in what a staffer writes to his boss and the public commentaries:

Goof real advice up and you’re dead.

We just had a not unusual New Hampshire primary. The rebels won. This time in both parties.

SC will, as always, wash that out.

Rebellious? In recent times The SC electorate has a doglike loyalty that would make Lassie jealous.

Black or white, those at the polls in South Carolina primaries, black or white don’t really vote.

Whites do what the Republican establishment tells them to do. Blacks do what their owners tell THEM to do.

Black obedience is more ostentatious because their owners actually write down the list of candidates and Black “voters” take it with them into the polling booth.

In South Carolina in 2010 an utterly unknown candidate got the United States Senatorial nomination entirely because the list was printed wrong.

Show me the political writer who would survive reporting THAT!

This year In the New Hampshire primary Bernie and Trump got the nomination. The media noted that Bernie did not get the minuscule minority vote in that state and he certainly couldn’t win the election without it.

When the SC primary occurs Hillary will win. She knows who owns them and how to buy them. This is the first time Hillary will be able to deal directly with the minority’s owners.

Hillary will get what they call the minority “vote.”

On the Republican side, SC voters stopped the Buchanan tide in New Hampshire and SC voters are likely to reject Trump on Republican orders.

Put simply, Trump voters here will be afraid they will be labelled “rednecks.”

I would be delightedly surprised if SC voter doggies didn’t do exactly what they are told will make them “respectable.”

For the thousandth a time, a three -way election is entirely different from a two-way, and that is what Trump will be in. He COULD get a plurality, but I doubt it.

Trump is a vote against orders, fit for a redneck instead of a Respectable.

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