Feb 29, 2016

Stop Stumping (for) the Trump

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When drafting off of a vehicle, one must be mindful to refrain from getting carried away and ramming into the vehicle. Some White Nationalist leaders have become like delusional “side pieces,” so giddy about their man that they’re keen on ruining the man and his marriage in order to have him exclusively for themselves. We must back off a bit, both to protect his campaign and to protect our own cause.
Back in July, I wrote Let’s Not Be Trump’s Chumps
Trump cut through dozens of limp-wristed Tea Party libertarians, social conservative mumblers, and minority token candidates to land in the top spot in the polls and become the candidate that the other candidates are forced to react to with this one weird trick: Honestly and directly address White issues. To quote Ann Coulter, whose latest bestseller–¡Adios, America!–is scandalizing Beltway orthodoxy, “Drive up the White vote. That’s your base!”
But that’s all it is for him, a weird trick. Granted, an eccentric billionaire who’s beholden to his own ego rather than to Jewish and globalist financial backers is probably preferable to the rest of the available contenders. But he’s not one of us. He’s not pursuing shared interests. He doesn’t have shared goals. Trump is approaching this political campaign as a businessman, not as an ideologue, and he’ll follow the money and ego gratification away from White Interests as quickly as he followed the money and ego gratification toward White Interests.
The intervening months have been a boggling whirlwind of politics shifting in a national populist direction, with Donald Trump leading the charge. He has definitely proven more courageous and consistent than I would have ever imagined. Even honey badgers stand in awe of Trump. Yet, while the left-wing media doesn’t have the capacity to corner Trump into denouncing White Nationalism, we do. Some corners of White Nationalism have become so eagerly supportive of Trump that they’re threatening to stump him, practically begging for the response which he has studiously avoided for months; an explicit and direct denunciation of our position.

When it comes, it’ll reflect poorly on our discipline as a movement. It’s one thing for rank-and-file members to get excited and cross the line. Trump is happy to brush that aside, anyway. And a lot of the low-ranking stuff, like random twitter accounts crossing that line with trolling and such, has proven productive activism. But if the movement’s leadership keeps insisting (falsely) that Trumpism and White Nationalism are one and the same, the man is left with no choice but to offer a correction.

My position, one which happens to be both factually true and tactically prudent, is to confirm that he happens to be speaking to White issues while underscoring that he’s not one of us. Back in August, I followed that script in the New Yorker interview
“The political system hasn’t been providing an outlet for social-conservative populism. You had this Ron Paul revolution, and all the stuff about cutting taxes, small government, and that’s just not the electrifying issue that they were expecting it to be. Simple folks, they want the border secure. They want what Donald Trump is mirroring at them. I think he’s an intelligent businessman who identified what the people want to hear. He’s made a living finding these sorts of opportunities.”
Even assuming the most flattering framing of Trump and his motives, he’s a civic nationalist, perhaps even a civic variety of national socialist. He’s a fresh break from everything normal in American politics. But there’s nothing in his biography, in his policy positions, in his public statements, or in his moves which imply that he’s actually truly one of us, in that he cares about preserving our racial heritage. He just doesn’t…and that’s okay.

The misunderstanding occurs in perfect thirds. A third of the reason everybody in our circles thinks he’s White Nationalist is because the elites’ media wishes to smear him as such. A third of the reason everybody thinks he’s White Nationalist is vain wishful thinking. We did, after all, invest untold hundreds of thousands in Black Lives Matter open borders hero Rand Paul because we desperately wanted to believe we mattered. The final third of the reason for this mass delusion is Trump’s reptilian approach to who he supports and denounces.

To the untrained ear, a man who refuses to denounce White Nationalists when cornered is obviously one of us. For the overwhelming majority of politicians, that would certainly be the case. A student of Trump’s Art of the Deal and his frighteningly transactional manner with which he interacts with people will see something entirely different playing out in this exchange. Unlike the herd of cowardly humans whose endorsements and denunciations are a meteorological affair, Trump creates his own political micro-climate. He’s the unmoved mover, …a natural alpha and bully in human affairs.

One gets the impression that if some NAMBLA members showed up in full force to support Trump, his immediate reaction would be to brush off demands for him to denounce them and redirect the conversation. But if NAMBLA explicitly endorsed Trump, then the organization’s leadership repeatedly insisted that Trump and NAMBLA are basically on the same team, at a certain point the imperative of winning would overshadow his first instinct and he would go ahead and denounce NAMBLA.

If we keep trying to drink his milkshake, he’ll kick us out of the sock hop. For some radicals, that’s part of the plan. But I think I speak for most of us when I assert that we should patiently exploit all of the indirect opportunities for outreach and persuasion which this wildly successful national populist campaign present. It’s not like we have the numbers, the logistical maturity, or the people in place to replace Trump if we managed to budge him aside and take center stage. Who are we kidding?

These things take time and patience.

Trump is not one of us. Trump is not pro-White. Trump is not a sleeper agent burst into action from deep behind enemy lines. He’s simply a populist whose campaign has been and will likely continue to be very good for White American interests. Berlusconi, Putin, and others of a similarly proto-fascist political disposition have been very good for their homelands, but none of them have actually had the welfare and fate of their ethnic identities first in mind. Insisting that National Populists are the same thing as true Nationalists harms both types and helps neither.

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