Feb 25, 2016

The ACLU’s Girl Warrior

via The Thinking Housewife

The Jewish-run and Jewish-funded ACLU, whose mission it is to de-Christianize America under the camouflage of “separation of church and state,” has no qualms about using the young and confused as proxy warriors to obtain its own form of theocratic rule.

A case in point is that of Taylor Victor, 16, a Manteca, California high school student who “came out” as a lesbian at the tender age of 15. Victor came to school one day last August wearing a T-shirt that said, “Nobody knows I’m a lesbian.” Both a teacher and an assistant principle took offense and told her to go home and change.

The ACLU filed suit on Victor’s behalf, converting her instantly into one of its most effective weapons — a tender adolescent who may be psychologically scarred if not given free expression. Those authorities — parents, teachers, principals — who try to defend the moral law, they are the real target of this suit. They must be disempowered. The project of preparing the young for a life of serfdom by enchaining them to their passions is otherwise not assured.

The case was quickly settled out of court. The school has agreed to change its dress code so that it no longer discriminates against those who express their
perversion“orientation.” It also will pay $63,000 to the ACLU in attorney’s fees and other legal costs, and provide regular training in
censorship “free expression” to  high school administrators. What’s most shocking is the absence of any backlash at all from parents in Manteca. If there was one speck of decency left in that town there would be a riot and those ACLU hotshots would be arrested and charged with corruption of minors.

In a few years, the ACLU will have forgotten Victor, I mean, Taylor. She will be left to pick up the pieces of her life, a veteran of a war that she didn’t even remotely understand.

I feel very sorry for this girl.

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