Feb 10, 2016

The Futility of Electioneering

via Western Spring

Among the various nationalist groups in Britain, there are those who have turned away from electioneering as the means by which they hope to bring about political change and the salvation of our people. These groups have come to realise that the majority of the electorate are so mentally conditioned by our corrupt mass media that they are incapable of exercising their right to vote in a rational way. Furthermore, these groups have come to realise that the electoral system in this country is deliberately administered in such a sloppy manner as to facilitate widespread electoral corruption on the part of our corrupt political establishment. That electoral corruption being used as a second line of defence aimed at preventing any non-establishment political parties from ever achieving political power.
When nationalist political parties contest elections, they are grossly unfairly demonised by the media and portrayed as being composed of hateful individuals who are alleged to have psychopathic tendencies and who intend if they ever acquire power supposedly aim to commit genocide as a result of an alleged irrational hatred of minority groups.

In reality however, nationalists are driven by precisely the same concerns and desires as the majority of the British people and if only the public would exercise more effort to get to know the candidates standing in elections, they would realise that nationalists are not a threat at all, want only what is best for our people and merely wish to put the interests of our people first, ahead of the minority groups to whom establishment politicians continually pander.

Virtually every time there is an election the bulk of the public are duped into once again voting for either of the two main establishment parties, either because they are daft enough to think that despite all of the evidence these parties do actually care about us, or that by voting for the least worst of the two, they are at least securing government by the lessor of two evils.

Time and time again in this way, ‘Tweedle-Dee’ is elected to government in place of the out-going and discredited ‘Tweedle-Dum’, by a public who don’t seem to remember that five years previously, it was ‘Tweedle-Dum’ that was elected to replace the out-going and discredited ‘Tweedle-Dee’. The public don’t seem to realise that the policies pursued by both ‘Tweedle-Dee’ and ‘Tweedle-Dum’ are in effect identical, with only cosmetic differences, and that logically they should be looking for a new political party to vote for in preference to the two main parties that have had so many chances, so many terms in office, and who have been utterly discredited every time.

Media Brainwashing 1

As already stated, the establishment parties have as an additional line of defence, their ability to fiddle election results because of the sloppy way elections are administered. So sloppily are they administered that it would be possible with relatively limited resources, for the incumbent political party in government to gerrymander election results on substantial scale without anyone outside of a relatively small conspiratorial group knowing. By this means it has been possible for the establishment political parties to prevent any non-establishment parties from winning sufficient elections to gain even a toe-hold on political power.

Occasionally, a nationalist political party despite all the odds, has managed to get a handful of candidates elected in locations scattered across the country, where those isolated individuals have then faced systematic exclusion by the elected representatives of the establishment parties, thereby denying them any influence over government policy either nationally or locally.

After more than a century of trying to gain political power through the ballot box, in which more than forty different nationalist political parties have tried every permutation possible in presenting our policies and who have either suffered a ‘news black-out’ in which they have been completely ignored by the media, almost as if they had never existed, or who have suffered a withering hail of lies, abuse, smears and denigration by that same media, such that we have never had more than sixty local councillors elected at any one time and never more than three candidates elected at a higher level, it is time for us to realise that until the balance of power in Britain is changed by some other means, there will for us be no electoral route to power.

If we are to acquire the political power needed to prevent being dispossessed and race replaced, by the traitors at Westminster, we must concentrate our efforts elsewhere and pursue a non-electoral strategy designed to change the balance of power by other means. Once we have achieved this, once we have ‘levelled the playing field’ somewhat, we will have the influence needed to pressure the establishment into conducting elections fairly, or at least more fairly, and in this way, electioneering may once again become a viable route to power.

For now however, electioneering is a futile waste of time and resources, falsely raising hopes among the more naïve among us, only so those hopes can be cruelly dashed, and wasting both time and resources that we cannot afford to lose.

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