Feb 29, 2016

The Left Despises Diversity

via Angry White Dude

We constantly hear leftists touting the beauty of diversity and how everyone and their views should be accepted and respected. That is, except anyone who differs with leftists.

Here is a reporter trying to attend a Ben Shapiro speech at Cal State University – Los Angeles:

Oh, the irony. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear Cal State teaches the meaning of the word ‘irony.’ “Diversity is the answer. Diversity is never the problem” they shout. And if you don’t agree with us we will silence you. Or assault you. With the left, might equals right. It’s not the idea and debate that matters. It’s winning and achieving your agenda no matter what. Zero sum game. Remember “hey we need muscle here” to prohibit the media from reporting a protest as was shouted by a journalism professor at the University of Missouri. Irony.

Why is the left so incapable of allowing alternative views? Because leftist political ideology is largely indefensible. Making sense of nonsense is something not easily done. Especially when your side largely has no sense. It’s much easier to break faces.

The only tactic leftists have is brute force. Drown out your opponent, shut down or interrupt their speeches, personally destroy or shame them through political correctness, use every Alinsky tactic to silence them because you cannot defend your positions in open debate.

As AWD has said for years, leftists are at their root core nothing more than brutes. They care not for the individual rights upon this country was founded. They and especially their elite political masters seek total control and zero dissent. Through any means necessary.

The end result of liberal politics is the Soviet Union or Cambodia. Venezuela is well on the way with government violence now taking place against those protesting the absence of food, power, and toilet paper in the streets. Just a decade ago, those same protesters were welcoming the promises of wealth through totalitarianism from communist Hugo Chavez. Today, they starve. Rinse and repeat.

It’s easy to be a socialist in America because there is always food in the grocery store. Capitalism created the wealth that socialism now destroys. Only a leftist could protest evil corporations by posting to social media on their iPhone. While drinking a Starbucks. After driving their Ford to the protest.

My bet is not a single Black Lives Matter protester in that video is paying their college costs. I would further venture that not a single one is pursuing a major that will result in a job after/if they graduate.

The challenge to educate and debate in an effort to change minds is a pipe dream with leftists. The country is completely split with those who mooch (Sanders/Hillary supporters) and producers tired of having their money forcefully redistributed (Trump/Cruz supporters). There is no middle ground.

I have stopped debating liberals because 1. they are not bright and 2. always end up calling names when they are faced with facts and data that destroy their lies.

Remember this. There is no diversity with those who continually demand diversity. They are intellectual brutes. And, if they win, their political opponents always end up on the wrong side of the gun. Always.

Bravo, Ben Shapiro! But I can tell you your efforts will change not one leftist mind. Pity.

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