Feb 23, 2016

The Realist Report: Host John Friend Talks with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, a scholar of Russian Orthodox history and philosophy. In this introductory segment, Dr. Johnson and I discussed a number of subjects, including Dr. Johnson’s background and education, his political and religious philosophy, his views of American history and modern American society, historical revisionism, and much more.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, Dr. Johnson and I continue our discussion of American history and political traditions. We then turn our attention to his research into Russian history and Orthodox Christianity, addressing the Bolshevik Revolution, the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the crisis in the Ukraine. Dr. Johnson also explains his views of WWII, National Socialism, and Adolf Hitler.

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