Feb 4, 2016

The Weaponized Mother

via Renegade Tribune

In this editorial I will show you how the Jewish experts and doctors completely control mothers and destroy families. This is the art of war Jewish style, and we are losing. I have studied the psychology of Jews for almost all of my life. I’ve had to develop forms of self defense against the Jew. First you have to be aware.

I do what I call a lot of “street counseling”, dealing with a lot of people who are pharmaceutically damaged. With all their experts, doctors, lawyers, social workers, I’ve never seen a bigger Jewish circus of quacks. They do everything in their power to break up families while taking lots of money. And they never help.

I’ve noticed consistently with these damaged people who come into my life, that their mothers have been weaponized by Jewish doctors to inflict trauma and damage on their very own children. How did these Jews break the attachment between the mother and her children? Because the mother trusted the expert. Because Dad delegated this medical authority onto the mother, trusting the mother.

Medicine is a fairly new ideology for the modern woman. So the woman assumes these experts have their best interests at heart, while literally knowing nothing about medicine or its intentions, but in reality the mother is complicit in the destruction of her own family. The Jews know once a mother surrenders her son for the blood ritual sacrifice of circumcision, that they own her and her children like goyim cattle.

For some reason my mother being a registered nurse did not allow circumcision. She must have known something then, that she doesn’t know now. Because she believed in the vaccines I rebelled against at about 12. A child intuitively knows when a doctor holds up a hypodermic syringe with a needle on the end to scream bloody murder, yet the mother, who has been inculcated with narcissism by the Jewish doctors, will be void of any wolf-like maternal instinct to protect. She allows the ritual sacrifice of her children.

The father never intervenes because he is either shouted down, or he trusts that his wife knows what she’s doing. Mothers become Jews by proxy. Fathers need to step up to the plate and start asking hard questions, and don’t accept weak answers, which is a common problem. Men are often doormats. Don’t take no for an answer. Most of these narcissistic mothers are also on antidepressants, tranquilizers, and other mood-altering drugs, which hyper-exacerbate emotional problems. These mothers that I have encountered are often verbally abusive and even physically abusive, as one mother I know gave her young daughter several concussions by punching her in the head.

These mothers should be brought up on charges. I can say this is almost a common problem throughout America. Many people never had a real mother. Your mother may have always cut you down. Maybe she never said she loves you or gave you hugs. I know for a fact that the Jewish doctors and experts ruined my family.

The Jews own most mothers, who unwittingly destroy their own families.

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