Feb 23, 2016

True White Nationalism

via Renegade Tribune


I wrote up this mission statement in my disgust of what’s been happening to the Alt-Right and our movement in general. We need to distinguish True White Nationalism from what the kosher Alt-Right is promoting. I understand 95% of the Alt-Right is our people, & the majority is young whites. We need to win them over by exposing the people at the top like Richard Spencer, Collin Lindell, and RamzPaul. The initial goal is to change how we label ourselves, starting with our bio lines. True White Nationalism or #TWN is a rebellion against the controlled opposition that we see today. We need a vision for the future in order to change the things we are so angry about today. We need principles, direction, goals, standards, unity, and strategies to get things done. There are plenty of shills who are trying to subvert our message. Ideas are bullet proof, people are not. Let’s unite, channel our anger, and focus on solving the problem!

RamzPaul continues to push this kosher agenda and recently promoted an Alt Right Blog post by Brett Stevens which says, “It’s outrageous and ridiculous to name Jews as an enemy”. Richard Spencer is the head of the Alt-Right & doesn’t believe the Jews are behind White Genocide, among other Jew friendly positions. At his NPI conference on 10/31/2015 in DC, they didn’t mention the Jew once. Alt-Right accepts Jews, homosexuals, and non-white degenerates like Roosh. Recently Spencer tweeted he was in “solidarity” with Roosh, & invites Jack Donavan (homosexual) to speak at his events. On the outset they are anti-Christian, anti-woman, and dare I say anti-white? They are fundamentally wrong & have become a liability to our success.

The short version of a long story is that there’s a Jewish conspiracy in the US, Europe, Australia, & Canada – to run all opposition to the state and elites, themselves.

Vladimir Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

We see this in the UK with the EDL andTommy Robinson. We see it in Germany with PEGIDA. These groups lead back to the Jew Frank Gaffney at the Center for Security Policy, which employs the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. I would not be surprised if Richar Spencer and the Alt-Right are also on Gaffney’s payroll.
Mission Statement:
Spread truth about Jewish supremacism to our people, and how it’s destroying our kith, kin, and country. Implement effective strategies to drive real change. Reverse cultural Marxism by purging Jewish/African influences, practicing ethnocentrism, following healthy life styles, and having healthy white families. Embrace white: interests (present & future), morals & values, culture, athletics & sport, education & history, art & music.
1. No Jews
2. No non-whites
3. No LGBT
Pro-White, Pro-Family, Pro-European, Pro-Nationalism, Pro-Bill of Rights
Anti-Jew, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Multiculturalism, Anti-Feminism, Anti-Misogyny, Anti-Judeo-Christian-Zionist, Anti-Usury, Anti-Miscegenation, Anti-Degeneracy, Anti-Communist, Anti-NWO
1. Brainstorm and coordinate strategies for internet activism: spread awareness, networking, hashtags, trolling, memes, comment sections, blogs, YouTube vlogs
2. Brainstorm and coordinate real life activism: call state/local reps, call radio hosts, post flyers, network
3. Expose corrupt media & promote our own blogs, vlogs, radio, documentaries, & websites
4. Brainstorm on organizing: hold gatherings, protest, public speeches & demonstrations, reach out, promote, advertise, fundraise
5. Create/fund Pro-White: NGOs, think tanks, lobbies, &special interest groups. Lobby against: immigration, forced integration, AA, TPP, NAFTA, MSM, FED, ZOG
6. Take back MSM. Expose/outlaw Jewish: NGOs, think tanks, lobbies, & “special interests” groups
7. Abolish Federal Reserve & usury, expel Jews/Muslims, try white traitors, deport illegals
8. Implement housing segregation, ethno states
Consensus Jew Facts:
ZIO TRIANGLE: Finance, Politics, & Media. GS, Wall Street & The Federal Reserve. Congress & Senate sign a pledge to Israel. AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in DC. The USGOV has numerous dual Israeli citizens in key positions of power. 4/8 Supreme Court Justices, not to mention 99% of 2016’s donor class.  Hollywood, academia, sports teams, music industry, advertising, google, radio, major newspapers, MSM, alt-media, & social media

9/11: MOSSAD False Flag. 3 buildings were detonated for implosion, but only 2 buildings were hit by planes. Key suspects are Larry Silverstein, owner of the Twin Towers & Michael Chertoff, head of the official 9/11 investigation

HOLOCAUST: no final solution, no gas chambers, no death camps, no 6M, no industrial ovens

KALERGI PLAN: mass immigration + forced integration = (white) genocide. The EU is carrying out ethnic cleansing. The facilitation, lobbying, funding, pro-refugee propaganda, & the allure of lifetime benefits gave rise to the “Trojan Horse” of young Arab/African males into Europe. EU countries are complicit in covering up the industrial level rape, gang rape, sexual assault, crime, & murder. Silencing & jailing all criticism of the invasion.

GREATER ISRAEL PLAN: Israel’s 70 year illegal Palestinian occupation/genocide founded on terrorism & Rothschild’s trillions. Ambiguous nuclear weapons program, MOSSAD, NEOCONs, PNAC, 9/11, AIPAC, Iraq Invasion, Libya, ME Destabilization, Arab Spring, ISIS, migrant flow to Europe

CULTURAL MARXISM:  Multiculturalism, Feminism, Sexual Liberation, LGBT, Porn, Miscegenation, Anti-Nuclear Family, Materialism, Anti-Christian, Excess, & Decadence. PC, Anti-Semitism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, White Supremacy, Gender Dysphoria, White Guilt & Privilege

USA 1965 IMMIGRATION ACT: 9/10 immigrants are 3rd world non-whites. 1960 USA = 90% white

NWO: Protocols of Zion, Rothschild, Kissinger, Soros, UN, Open Borders, NATO, EU, War on Terror, NAFTA, Worker-Visa Program, Patriot Act, Obamacare, TPP, Climate Change, Israel training US local police, Disarm Citizens, Police State, Communism, Austerity, Marshal Law

ISIS: USA & Israel are providing: funding, weapons, intelligence, medical aid, vehicles, equipment. ISIS is their proxy army to topple Assad, destabilize the region & flood Europe with Muslims

BOLSHEVIKS: Marx, Communism, Lenin, Trotsky, Yagoda, Stalin killed 30-60M goyim Russians/Eastern Europeans. Holodomor in the Ukraine is still covered up to this day.

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