Feb 26, 2016

What I Discovered During My Brief Career with the Indiana Department of Child Services

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My reputation follows me everywhere I go, and it’s decidedly a mixed blessing. While I’ll never regret becoming a public advocate for my extended family of White brothers and sisters, the racial element of my work does overshadow my life’s calling of public service. I’ve always wanted to help people. I try to be helpful toward my fellow Christians; I try to be helpful towards my friends and family members; and I try to be helpful toward my community and nation.

I would like to think that the people who know me beyond my reputation for White Advocacy will confirm that.

Having a strong academic record at a reputable university and a solid work record, I’m a Department of Child Services hiring manager’s worst nightmare. On paper, I’m the perfect candidate for the job. I aced the interview, because I care deeply about child poverty issues, building strong families, and investing in the folks who need it the most. I pass the “background check” with flying colors, because I’ve never stolen a stick of gum or been caught jaywalking.

But I have something in my past (…and present…and future) which doesn’t get flagged on the formal background checks because it’s not technically illegal; pro-white political beliefs. In today’s America, being pro-white is worse than being a convicted felon. Several DCS employees have a variety of blemishes on their criminal record which the State of Indiana is happy to work with. Most of them have academic records and work histories inferior to my own. But they all get to keep their jobs because they didn’t commit the greatest crime of all: politically incorrect thought crime.

Part of my worldview is that I am a community organizer and taking care of the members of my community is a primary concern. Millions of working families of all ethnic backgrounds have been abandoned by our political elites, state governments and local institutions. It is up to men and women to invest themselves in our local communities to help those in need and provide services to those who need assistance. With this fact in mind, I applied to work for the Indiana Department of Child Services.

I would like to think that my volume of work and public advocacy has proven that I respect each and every individual and ethnic community. I have worked with Black community leaders in Baltimore, Indianapolis and Chicago to discuss ways that we can find common ground and common solutions to issues facing the White and Black communities.

I have always been respectful to coworkers of different backgrounds and always promote to my members that our movement should never belittle or act hateful towards other groups. I am a nationalist, which means I take care of and advocate for my ethnic community, and I believe my actions have shown that I can treat everyone with dignity, respect and courtesy; making me perfect for the job of a Family Case Manager.

I worked for the Indiana Department of Child Services for a little under three weeks. From the beginning of January until Thursday, January 28th. I was warmly regarded by my training instructors, by my classmates, by my field trainers in Jasper, and–most importantly–by the handful of struggling families and children I had the honor of assisting during my brief tenure. It was all going very well, with documented confirmation of satisfactory behavior and grasp of the material until my instructor referred to me by my first name, “Matthew,” instead of by the middle name I had been going by.

The Chelsea Handler special had come out on NetFlix the previous evening. Surely enough, a student had watched it the night before and rumor had bubbled up the food chain. I wasn’t sure whether they would be wise and closely watch me, waiting to catch me in some routine mishaps or misstep or whether they would panic and fire me for my private politics, then scramble to lie about it and cover up their tracks. One thing was certain. I was going to be fired for my private politics in direct contradiction of law and policy.

They went with the latter option, firing me in a panic and then making up excuses later.

Within hours, I was being escorted out of the building with no explanation. I didn’t need one. I had been found out. DCS is attempting to carefully weave an easily disproven story around the fact that they illegally fired me for my private political beliefs by making up stories about inappropriate conduct. But there were dozens of witnesses, or non-witnesses, …as it were. If I had the legal resources at everyone else’s disposal, or if the ACLU were as impartial as they pretend to be, the wealth of witnesses and detailed records of my time with the department would vindicate me.

Indiana’s Department of Child Services in Indiana has been having a rough time as of late. Multiple lawsuits against the agency based on not paying overtime to employees to chronically being understaffed and having caseloads so high that Family Case Managers cannot properly take care of the children and families in their care; have been piling up for some time. In 2015 the State wasordered to pay more than $31 million to an Indiana family ‘destroyed’ by wrongful accusations that the parents caused their 14-year-old daughter’s death.”

Also in 2015 the ACLU sued the State of Indiana because the State wasn’t following its own laws based on case load for Family Case Managers. One news story reported that, “Case managers for DCS are overworked, and as a result, are unable to protect thousands of children across the state. ACLU lawyers claim DCS is breaking Indiana law. In the suit, the ACLU represents a case manager responsible for 43 cases. The state required maximum is 17.”

The department was also sued by “grandparents who are caretakers of their severely disabled grandchildren and who are ready to adopt them have filed suit today against the Indiana Department of Child Services for failing to approve adoption assistance payments that will allow them to continue to adequately care for the children.

This is just a few of the cases filed just in the past year against the Indiana Department of Child Services, a strong indicator that something is wrong within the Department on an institutional level. Both employees and clients have sued the Department for a variety of justified causes in recent years. I cannot, however, begin to speak to all of the elements of DCS, only what I personally experienced.

I began my training in DCS hoping that we would be focusing simply on child welfare and caring for our communities, I was wrong. I had thought that due to DCS official policy that states No employee will be appointed to, demoted, or dismissed from any position, or in any way be favored or discriminated against with respect to employment because of his or her political opinions or affiliations” that I would not be persecuted due to my political beliefs.

The training for Family Case Manager’s is political through and through; for the cause of Leftist Social Justice. And because of this, the Department violates its own policies towards non-discrimination based on political belief. Both on field assignment and in the classroom, I was especially careful to keep my politics to myself, and to avoid even the superficial appearance of racial favoritism. I think we can all agree that Hoosier children in crisis situations deserve a helping hand and unbiased treatment.

One of the first moments that I realized something was wrong was when I was sitting in class and several of my coworkers were discussing various Social Justice groups and projects they had been involved with in college. I understood then that being a practicing traditionalist Christian and nationalist that I was heavily outnumbered in this group. I had gritted my teeth and resigned myself to carefully abide state policy no matter what, as a necessary compromise to achieve a career of direct community service.

Several of my Black coworkers discussed the Black Lives Matter Movement and how they were supporters. I think it is great for anyone to advocate for their community, it is just tragic that there is a clear double standard where White State employees are banned from being ethnic advocates in their private lives while all other races are encouraged to carry out their ethnic politics on the public payroll.

In training, the question of illegal immigrants was brought up several times. I was told by one coworker that in Dubois County, the county I was assigned to work in, that I should “brush up on my Spanish” because it would “get a lot of use” in the county due to the population of illegal immigrants who commit child neglect, especially when it came to sex crimes in relation to children.

Southern Indiana has an increasingly severe illegal immigration problem due to the lure of agribusiness and the remaining manufacturing jobs in the region. It was found that “Prisons and jails across Indiana have held hundreds of people over the past year for being illegal immigrants, although many wouldn’t have been identified without being arrested on other charges.”

These illegals are not just passively going to work every day to feed their families as #Cuckservative politicians like Jeb Bush would have you believe. These illegals are disproportionately committing murders, assaults, drunk driving, and child neglect. Not to mention that they’re stealing jobs from legal citizens in already economically depressed areas.

FAIR estimates that there are approximately “120,000 illegal immigrants in Indiana that cost the State 570 million dollars a year.” The illegal immigration crisis takes money out of healthcare, education, infrastructure projects, and economic investment throughout the State every single year.

Illegals hurt working families not only economically, but they are also a danger to them on the streets of their communities. If the State government really cared about kids, they would be getting criminals off the streets and out of our country instead of letting them remain in our communities and then spending an estimated 81 million dollars a year on government services and 45 million dollars a year in welfare for illegals and their families.

It was found thatbetween October 2008 and July 2011, more than 159,000 illegal aliens were arrested by local authorities and identified by the federal government as deportable but nevertheless released back onto the streets. Nearly one-sixth of those same individuals were subsequently again arrested for crimes.” Not only are we not deporting illegal immigrants when we catch them for committing other crimes, many of them re-offend when they go back to their communities.

After coming to training and hearing about the impact of illegal immigration in the county I was going to serve in, I was shocked to find that not only did we not address the issue in a positive way; we were told to be de facto vigilante facilitators of illegal immigration, in direct contradiction of clearly written federal law. Our trainers told us that we were not to contact law enforcement when we discovered that alleged abusers or families were illegal immigrants and instead provide them with not only DCS services, but help them find other government programs to “help them.”

The problem for DCS is that this policy violates federal immigration law as found in Sec. 274. [8 U.S.C. 1324] which states,
knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law
knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place.”
Family Case Managers as part of their job have to transport children. If you know that a child is an illegal immigrant and you knowingly transport him throughout the State, you’re an accomplice to a federal crime.

If you have a family going before a judge and you know they are illegal immigrants and knowingly conceal this from the judge, law enforcement and other representatives of the State, that would also seem to run afoul of federal law.

The training instructors of Cohort 220, my training group, told us that we were not to tell law enforcement or ICE in order to encourage us “working in these communities” by facilitating illegals and not reporting them or documenting their status in our official reports. Should we also aid and abet bank robbers and drug dealers as part of our job, so that we may win the trust of bank robbers and drug dealers?

One of the trainers, a White female, talked about how she and local law enforcement turned their eyes away from situations of illegal immigrants in her time as a Family Case Manager. This is an issue not only of DCS, but a lack of enforcement and compliance with Federal law on behalf of some members of law enforcement and Family Case Managers of DCS.

One of my fellow trainees discussed that when she worked as part of a community organization that she actively helped illegal immigrants get access to welfare and government programs. The trainers did not point out that she was violating the law because illegal immigrants are not allowed to collect welfare, at least according to the law. The trainers instead encouraged her and noted that she was “serving her community” by facilitating and aiding illegal immigrants.

Inside the Department of Child Services we also had to take a Diversity course. Somehow I passed! Inside this course though we were made to participate in exercises to expose “White Privilege.” The “Privilege Walk Activity” as it was called is done at universities around America to push a shaming activity on White students and in the Indiana Department of Child Services, on White Employees.

The questions for this activity where each participant either gives themselves a “privilege step forward” or a “step backward” are fairly consistent. This example from the University of Michigan is nearly identical to the questions given to Indiana DCS employees.

Some of the questions are as follows.
  • If your ancestors came to the United States by force, take one step back.
  • If you believe that you were denied employment because of your race, gender, or ethnicity, take 1 step back.
  •  If you are reasonably sure that you will not be denied access to jobs or political resources because of your gender, take one step forward.
  • If members of your gender are portrayed on TV in degrading roles, take one step backward.”
Now looking at these questions, and in our activity there were about two dozen more of varying degrees of Leftist thought, it is clear that there is a political agenda behind them that is anti-White.

The questions are ignorant of the fact that tens of thousands of White slaves and indentured servants were brought to America, most likely my own. That Indiana is an Affirmative Action State so that White men and women can and do face open discrimination based on the fact that they don’t fit into the Affirmative Action quotas set up by the State government.

White men are at the bottom of the totem pole for government resources with people of color and single White women being given preferential treatment for Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps and other government programs. No one would question either that in the mainstream media that the only group you can openly mock and humiliate anymore is straight White men, the only “non-protected” class of citizens left. Even if one grants that many White people are relatively privileged, we’re talking about families interfacing with DCS here. These White families most certainly don’t enjoy “White Privilege” and don’t need this resentment-driven anti-White garbage injected into their cases.

The DCS policy says in Section F of Prevention of Workplace Harassment: “DCS staff will strive to maintain an environment free from sexual harassment and harassment based on race, color, creed, religion” yet during our training on drug awareness we were taught the stereotype that methamphetamine is a “White drug” and during a section on mental health there were multiple jokes that young White men were the most dangerous members of our population due to examples of school shootings.

Stereotypes against Whites were taught and allowed to be reinforced by comments from my fellow trainees that weren’t corrected by our trainers. The claims especially on violence in our society, not based on actual facts; but they promoted negative stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes towards Whites.

One additional portion of training was discussing this video…

We were told that this film demonstrated that we should always check our own “personal bias” and “privilege.” The video shows a Greek family sitting down outside a doctors office. The father stands as he makes sure there is a comfortable space between his daughter, wife and a Third World immigrant. We are shown at the end of the video how “evil and racist” this family was being because this man turned out to be the bone marrow donor for their daughter.

Scientifically, we all know it is nearly impossible for separate races to donate bone marrow to one another (I thought race was a social construct??). Given the rising rate of assaults, rapes and murders of Greek men and women by refugees and immigrants from the Third World, it would seem reasonable to not want to be cozying up with complete strangers, but that biological desire for self-protection is considered racist in DCS culture. Science, culture and human nature are to be thrown out the window and instead replaced with a multicultural hug-fest in order to appease the false gods of multiculturalism.

Young women are taught to say or do whatever they feel necessary to ensure their physical safety, …unless it’s racial.

Religious Freedom is also under attack according to DCS training in regards to parental rights. I asked a question in regards to families who believe in religious doctrines that support prayer and Faith healing over modern medicine for themselves and their children. Groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses who reject blood transfusions, Christian Scientists, some Seventh Day Adventists and others have deeply held religious convictions in regards to the issues of natural medicine versus institutionalized medicine.

I was told by my trainers in front of the class that they would seek to use the courts to compel families, or outright seize children from Faith based homes if the Family Case Manager and their supervisor thought they knew better than the wishes of a child’s parents on healthcare.

This is a terrifying prospect if the State believes that it can challenge deeply held religious doctrines of its citizens and instead impose the regimes morals on these families and used the courts and DCS employees (backed up by armed police) to kidnap children based on religious differences.

DCS policy on diversity seems to only run one way, with White Christians being looked upon with suspicion or downright hostility.

My time with DCS was only a brief glimpse into a world in which the State institutions are shifting more and more to the Left. Government institutions, instead of being apolitical and being respectful of differences in political and religious opinions is starting to coalesce around anti-White and anti-Christian policies.

Governor Pence and the other Republicans of Indiana have proven themselves unwilling or unable to defend religious freedom in Indiana over Christian businesses being sued for upholding their values against the political Homosexual lobby groups in Indiana. The leadership has proven weak on enforcing immigration laws that are supported by the vast majority of Hoosiers and now it appears that they have allowed far-Left politics to infiltrate government agencies.

The issue here is not whether you think I should be a Family Case Manager. It is that the Civil Rights slippery slope is clearly in front of us. If the State of Indiana can fire people for “far-right” politics, where does it end? Soon does it mean that if you are a Christian who supports Traditional Marriage you will be labeled a “hater” and lose your job?

Given that the SPLC and other left-wing groups already classify Traditional Marriage groups, Traditional Catholics and other Christian groups as “hate groups” is it that much of a reach to believe that soon Indiana could be firing people over their convictions in regards to marriage? Even DCS itself confirms that it’s struggling mightily to find enough qualified social workers to help the most helpless Hoosier children. Perhaps part of the reason is their requirement that the employees obey a strictly Leftist, anti-White, and anti-Christian agenda.

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