Mar 22, 2016

American Jewish Committee: American "Democracy” at Stake in 2016

via The Realist Report

In an obvious allusion to Donald Trump’s increasingly popular (and I would argue inevitable) presidential bid, the American Jewish Committee has come out and flatly stated that “American democracy” will be at stake during the 2016 presidential election, once again demonstrating the hysterical and truly childish reaction the organized Jewish community is having towards Trump.

The Times of Israel reports:
Threats of political violence endanger the viability of American democracy, the American Jewish Committee warned Thursday, a day after Republican frontrunner Donald Trump predicted that there would be “riots” if his party tried to edge him out through a brokered convention.
“I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots,” Trump said Wednesday in an interview with CNN. “I’m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people.”
Although the AJC’s statement did not mention any candidates by name, its dire warnings seemed to reflect directly on Trump’s comments.
“Violence and threats of violence have no place in American politics.
There should be no threats to disrupt political rallies and no threats to disrupt a convention if a candidate is denied the nomination by his party’s convention,” the organization admonished. “Too many democracies have failed, to be replaced by autocratic governments, when violence became a sanctioned political tool, especially by those who feel disenfranchised and choose not to await ordinary change at the ballot box.”
Warning that “nothing less than the survival of American democracy is at stake,” the AJC emphasized that “we hope that the violence seen so far is an aberration which stops now,” and called on “those who have resorted to, or sanctioned, violence” to “repudiate it now.”
Trump’s comments regarding a scenario in which the Republican establishment would seek to nominate someone else as the GOP candidate for president were far from the first time on the campaign trail that the brash businessman was seen as giving a nod to violence. […]
“We do not draw analogies to the rise of communism and fascism lightly, but both of those tyrannical movements rose to power replacing democratically elected governments, by virtue of threats of, or actual, violence against their opponents,” the organization said. […]
Here again we see a blatant attempt by the organized Jewish community and mainstream mass media to portray Donald Trump as an instigator and facilitator of violence in an effort to demonize and discredit the American populist and GOP frontrunner. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and the American people know it.

The radical, anti-American protesters disrupting Trump rallies are the ones instigating and facilitating violence, not Donald Trump or his supporters.

Donald Trump has shaken the American political establishment, which of course is largely dominated and controlled by the organized Jewish community and pro-Israel lobby, to its very core. In this writer’s opinion, it is clear the Jews are terrified of losing their grip over the U.S. federal government and, even more importantly, over the political discourse in America. They view Trump as uncontrollable and independent, and they do not like it.

Trump is challenging the organized Jewish community’s destructive, anti-White agenda on virtually every front. He has been critical of “free trade” and economic globalization, policies long championed by international Jewish capitalists that have been absolutely devastating to the American economy and middle class. Even more importantly, Trump has taken an incredibly bold stance against illegal immigration, promising to build a wall on our southern border, deport illegal aliens, and place a moratorium on Muslim immigration to America, all entirely legitimate and rational public policy proposals. Trump openly denounced political correctness in front of millions of Americans during the first presidential debate, arguing that this anti-American, anti-free speech phenomenon (which has its roots in the Jewish-dominated cultural Marxist school of thought) is literally destroying America. Trump is not backing down on any of these issues either.

Time will tell whether or not “American democracy” is at stake during this election. Trump is galvanizing millions of Americans and is becoming more and more popular as each day passes. People are fed up and tired of “politics as usual.” If anything, given Trump’s popular support, he may end up demonstrating the efficacy of American democracy by winning in a landslide, which is exactly what I think will happen! #VoteTrump!

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