Mar 22, 2016

Antifa Hahaha: Radio Aryan Roundtable

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Grandpa Lampshade, Juhani Keranen and Sven Longshanks assemble at the roundtable for a new series of podcasts looking at current events in northern Europe, Britain and America.

Both Latvia and Lithuania held marches this week with each country being accused of glorifying Nazis and killing squillions of Jews, by RT and other more openly Jewish organisations. But this is a lie, as the British army themselves stated that the Latvian Legion were not formed until after the soap making activities were alleged to have taken place. Similarly in Lithuania any Jews that were living there were long gone by the time the Germans showed up, out of fear of being held to account for the NKVD’s horrific crimes against the population during the first Soviet occupation.

The Lithuanian march had only one protester who the police threw out of the way while Latvia went one step further and banned all Antifa from even crossing the border, much to RT’s disgust. This Russian news company did not even have the decency to interview anyone from Latvia on the day of their march, choosing instead to interview a rabbi from England and a Jewish agitator in Israel.

 It is the Jews who are ‘re-writing history’ not the Latvians and Lithuanians who were actual eye witnesses to the Jewish Bolshevik’s atrocities.

The Nordic Resistance held a successful protest against refugees being allowed in to Finland at the weekend and once again proved that when the enemy is not forewarned about the protest, there is no counter protest. Just like with National Action recently in Newcastle, everyone met by the Resistance were supportive of what they are doing and there were around a hundred people at the multi-group rally that took place afterwards.

Also in the Scandinavian news this week are the Sons of Odin, who were supposed to have rescued two young White girls from the clutches of the invaders. The police were reported as thanking them for their help in apprehending the Arab interlopers and the Odins looked like they were going to get a lot of positive news coverage. Sadly this turned out to be ‘a duck’ – a Finnish term for a hoax. The fork-tongued member of the group was swiftly expelled and the leadership apologised for the false information that had been given out.

The group have also distanced themselves from the Finnish Defence League due to their support for Zionism and homosexuality. Many of these ‘Defence Leagues’ appear to be like this, serving as honey pots to attract patriots where they can then be fed falsehoods about the problem being purely cultural, rather than biological. They also probably function as intelligence gathering units for the Jews who fund them, so they can get the personal details of any members who do start to realise their fiendish plan.

America is fast becoming polarised along racial lines thanks to the antics of the Black Lives Matter goons and Grandpa Lampshade brings two reports to the table concerning their actions at Trump rallies, pointing out that in one of them it is actually a White protester getting punched by a Black Trump supporter. Perhaps they are hoping the readers wont notice.

His second report is the harrowing tale of a brave BLM protester who courageously put up with White folks being polite to her and making small talk at another Trump rally. Of course this was before they realised that she was really there just to disrupt proceedings and prevent them from seeing what they had all just queued for most of the day to see.

 This caused them to start shouting hateful racist slurs at her like ‘All Lives Matter’ before the evil White Supremacist police came along and almost shot and killed her with her hands up, but didnt. Instead they did not even bother to put cuffs on her but gently escorted her out of the building to the legal protest that was outside. Of course on the way out she is sure she heard the word ‘nigger’ and that was all that was needed for the Washington Post to make a story out of it.

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