Mar 25, 2016

Archbishop of Canterbury Endorses BNP's Position on "Immigration"

via BNP News

The Archbishop of Canterbury has publicly announced that it is ‘absolutely outrageous’ to label the BNP anti-Immigration stance 'racist'.

In a public address recently Church of England leader, Justin Welby, announced:

“It is outrageous to describe people who are worried about the impact of migration as racist.”

Furthermore, he declared that the BNP’s anti-Immigration message was ‘genuine and justified’, adding that those who tried to label people ‘racist’ for objecting to Immigration had ‘nasty motives.’

“Of course we welcome the statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury,” explained BNP Chairman Adam Walker.

“Courageous members and supporters of the BNP have been near enough crucified over the years for speaking about against Immigration, now we’ve received complete vindication from the highest level of the Church of England.

“The greatest concern is that we've been saying this for years and it’s taken the other political parties and the Church of England thirty years to catch up with the BNP.”

“Is it going to take them another thirty years to recognise that Islamisation is a threat to the lives and well being of the British people and that Islam is incompatible with the British culture?”

The BNP is campaigning for a ‘National Security Moratorium’ on Immigration – stopping ALL Immigration into Britain until the shambles can be sorted out and those here illegally are deported.

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