Mar 28, 2016

Brussels and the Quantum Mechanics of the New Divided Europe

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Brussels: energy from atomization
The Establishment is the Management, and the Management think they can manage things. After all, they have plenty of resources at their command, from the mass media and the financial system to the security services. All they lack really is a coherent view of how the World works and what's round the corner, as their guiding principle has always been The Blind Leading the Blind.

So, how are things working out?

Brussels, which came a few months – or was it weeks? – after Paris was pretty bad. We can expect tourist numbers to dip for a while. But the Management is not overly concerned.

The media is doing its job of muddying the waters with all the various narratives that cancel each other out – steam is being released, pressures dissipated – and the whole lovely mess is being framed in a hegemonic holding pattern of tolerance and atomized individualism as the glimmers of light we must strive for through the smoke and debris. Go on, light another candle, put it next to a flower, and say an atheistic prayer. You'll feel better for it.

And, it has to be said, such little smoke, such minor debris, a mere 30+ "tragic victims"... The good news is you are much more likely to be killed by a snake or a dog than a terrorist! The Management’s second guiding principle is Things Blow Over.

The Paris and Brussels attacks were, it appears, the result of ISIS operations, so the obvious thing is to clamp down on ISIS. On cue comes the news from Syria that Palmyra is set to fall, and talk of an offensive being prepared to retake Mosul in Iraq. Then there is the apparent falling out of ISIS and Turkey, which was rocked by blasts days before Brussels. Yes, the military defeat of ISIS might solve a few problems. The Management no doubt likes the idea of ISIS going tits up, even though it may mess up some of their other agendas in the Middle East and lead to new problems.

Hungary, handling our racism and doing a good job.
Then there is the migrant invasion. The necessary racism and xenophobia needed to get a lid on this is currently being outsourced to our Balkan and Eastern European cousins, like Viktor Orban, who clearly have more stomach for it. So, with several lines of razor wire blocking the way and a few puffs of tear gas, there is a hope that future waves of Muslimmivaders will be corralled for the foreseeable future in the territories of the former Byzantine Empire (Greece and Turkey), resurrecting if not that entity, at least its historical purpose. It seems that one more principle of the management is Muddling Through Can Move Mountains.

So, the management must be quietly optimistic in its usual smug way – Yes, there’ll be a few incidents, but ISIS will peak and fall, borders will grow less porous, propaganda will pull the fangs and claws of outrage, and at the end of it we’ll be left with a few million more economic subjects or clients, as well as a great mass of undigested emotion that will inevitably become an economic driver.

Yes, they have a point. Economies don’t run on cash flows, credit, or disembodied work ethic – they run on pure emotion, and nothing drives emotion like the absence of stasis. In America, this was what desegregation was all about – unleashing controlled racism as the building blocks of the suburbs. Millions grew rich on that and thousands grew mega rich.

Likewise with Europe. Right now millions of formerly comfortable Europeans are waiting for the dust to settle to see if they have to take on a second job or give up plans to start a family to help finance a relocation away from the latest no-go areas.

This is, indeed, one of the revelations of the recent atrocity, the existence of Muslim enclaves and no-go areas strategically dotted around Europe. The Brusssels attack was apparently sparked off by the police closing in on one of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, after a few months enjoying life in the Emirate of Brussels.

Muslims, of their own accord, prefer to congregate with their own kind, but this robs the Management of their prime functionality, namely pepping up the emotions of the indigenous population so that they’ll hate, fear, morally signal, and work harder to escape – or, in some cases, deal with existential depression through substance abuse and other forms of escapist consumerism, kerching!

So it is that, with the latest mass ingestion, we have seen governments try to parcel them out in potent little packages across the land.

The Byzantine internment camp, policed by the xenophobia of our Orbans, and the North African sources will be tapped to repeat this maneuver as circumstances require. Whether conscious or not, this is the position and intention of the Management. A further principle of the Management may well be Double or Quits.

The quantum nature of Syria revealed.
Back to the no-go areas. One reason Syria is such an unsolvable mess is because of its quantum structure – everything exists in little pockets (Shia here, Sunni there, Druze in between, Clan A to the left, Clan B to the right, etc., etc.). This creates a particularist "Who-Whom" micro morality and social structure. This can be overridden by occasional tyranny, but only an inefficient quantum-based tyranny.

To continue the physics analogy, the European model, by contrast, has been to build potent, high-functioning societies on a continuum basis, allowing the "free-flow" of social, moral, and economic 'energy' (waves instead of particles), and viewing all functions as continuous and incapable of expression in terms of discrete entities (that's nationalism or tribalism!). This is the meaning of our otherwise inexplicable Universalist values. Western Universalism is simply anti-Quantumism.

What we are engaged upon in Europe, and make no mistake about it, is an attempt to merge the quantum pattern of the Middle East (no-go zones, ethnic and religious strife, rampant nepotism, etc.) – an effective emotional driver – with our own smooth, textureless, infinitesimal pattern. This is daring piece of socio-economic engineering is much more radical than any of the physical experiments currently being carried out at CERN, and probably a lot more dangerous.

The great out-flowing of Europe that defined the modern World followed hard on the heels of our own quantum sectarianism – which saw our transition from a quantum pattern to a continuum pattern and World conquest. Now we are reduced to going the other way, in-sourcing particularization to create a similar uptick in our moribund civilization – or its collapse.

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