Mar 28, 2016

Brussels: Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

via Angry White Dude

Hey Europe, ain’t diversity and multi-culturism great? Alihu Angela Merkel! Europe, once inhabited by Europeans, has welcomed the unwashed hordes from hellhole Middle East countries and a religion that seek to…wait for it…wait…wait….kill Europeans and conquer Europe!

Today’s Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels is as predictable as Whoopi Goldberg waking up ugly. How many times must we see innocent European blood in the streets before Europeans (the real ones) realize that civilized sheep cannot allow savage wolves to enter their herd without getting their asses bitten?

Well, don’t waste your racist, Islamophobic breath on these three:


But if there is one thing certain than Michael Moore spreading butter on his truckload of Oreos before scarfing them down in record time is you can’t stop stupid people from being stupid. Even if you could, there’s just so many stupid people out there. Feel The Bern!

If you really want to know how your nice new Muslim neighbors view you when they can talk amongst themselves, here you go:

When did it become noble for Westerners to self-immolate on the altar of political correctness? I missed that memo. Do these kind European mouth-breathing idjits find it honorable to serve up their wives and daughters to sexually satisfy their new friends from Syria? Or idly sit by while another public location goes boom to echoes of Alihu Ackbar? If this is the way it should be, then Europe was stupid before stupid was cool.

Don’t feel too smug drinking your $8 lattes, America. If you haven’t been paying attention, which you haven’t, thousands and thousands of Muslim
wolvesrefugees have been brought into America by your corrupt government. Republicans and Democrats are complicit in this insanity. The government admitted it cannot properly vet these refugee savages but nonetheless here they are! But I’m sure they’re different from the Brussels terrorists! Well, they told us they weren’t terrorists, after all!

Brussels will soon be another Boston. Paris will soon be Philly. Iraq will be Detroit. Oh wait, too late there!

There are consequences for being monumentally stupid. Usually, they are all bad. Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes. Islam is stupid. Importing Muslims into the West is stupider. Terrorist acts committed by newly settled refugees is completely predictable. Even expected when we’re talking about the Religion of Murder. There will be more terrorist attacks in the near future. Coming to a town near you! Alihu Obama!

One last thing. Muslims can kill Christians, Jews, women, children, homosexuals, and call for the annihilation of every infidel on Earth. But liberals will support importing them here. For writing this post, AWD will be called a racist, hater, Islamaphobe, etc by leftists. Our struggle is not only with Islam. It is also with the monumentally stupid in America.

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