Mar 29, 2016

Brussels Terror: Moving from Grief to Defence

via Nationalist Alternative

We have seen enough terror events in Western nations to pick up on definite patterns on how people respond to them. In a vigorous healthy society, its members might show concern about threats to fellow nationals, they might be pledging to defend them and keep them safe from harm by addressing the enemy in their midst. This isn’t what we’re seeing in Europe. Europeans aren’t pledging to defend themselves and offer their services to protect their culture and nation, but rather, they are advertising their morality and virtue signalling. These tragedies are used as opportunities not to address a real mortal danger, but reaffirm adherence to Political Correctness and despair at the future, and hope for something different.

The language that comes from the media and from the people isn’t one of assertion, or even language that resembles a defensive posture. It’s language of consolation, deflection and denial. They share compassion. They have empathy, feel sorrow and want to share in a spirit of unity.

There is nothing wrong with this, as this is after all a natural, and necessary human response. The problem isn’t that this occurs, but that this is ALL that is happening. The resolve which is stated by leaders and the media and the public ends as soon as the tears are shed. Once the shock has passed by, its back to business as usual. Europeans return to supporting their abusers, hoping that they will change and become better people. They are suffering from battered wife syndrome.

Nationalist and pro-western groups go on the offence immediately, using these opportunities to point to the smoking gun of multiculturalisms failures and demand more decisive action. However, doing this during a time where people feel real grief, and in many more cases, vicarious grief leads to the message being ignored and to resentment. Many will feel rushed into judgement. A political activist has to understand how people think, and White Westerners for the most part have taken on the mentality of the defeated. The West has been de-clawed, de-fanged, and is now face to face with the snarling beast of Islamism. There comes a point when an animal which is being hunted has to accept its fate as it realises there is no way out. For the West, there appears to be no way out. No force can be used. No words can be uttered. No sentiment can be held. Is it any wonder that people adapt by finding ways to live as the defeated minority, than find ways to fight? From the perspective of the average Westerner, they think there is nothing they can do, and if there is nothing they can do, the next logical choice is to make the inevitable future as comfortable as possible.

When I discuss this issue, I’m frequently met with the response “Well, there is nothing we can do anyway…”. Whether this is discussing Islamism, or the displacement of Whites, most people think the discussion is moot because even if we were right, there is nothing we can do, and if there is nothing we can do, then it is pointless causing angst and ire in discussing this. Even “Respectable” Conservatives like Andrew Bolt will lament that something needs to be done about Islamism, but comes up short on specific plans.

However, we shouldn’t be discussing particular final solutions because we can’t foresee how political events will pan out.

If we are to get our fellow countrymen to fight for us, they need to be armed. An unarmed man is less enthusiastic about combat than an armed man, for good reason. If people were armed with the right words and ideas and opinions, they would be more likely to take offensive action in situations like this than retreat into defensive consolation and grief.

This is the primary role of Nationalists and pro-Whites at this stage, to be arms dealers in a war of words. Our role is to provide the arguments, the memes, the slogans and the type of thinking that will open up new avenues of attack. Nationalist Alternative’s articles often focus on ideas, and these are ideas which are intended to be adopted and used. The goal of movements like Reclaim or UPF shouldn’t just be to rile the masses, it is easy enough to stir the blood, but to also give people the confidence and means to go on the offensive, and not just for those who are already committed ‘Islamophobes’ and Nationalists, but also for those who are sceptical about multiracialism and didn’t think anything could be done. We should focus more on impressing upon people they have a right to demand free and open discussion about multiracialism, so that the demand for open discussion can become part of the offensive. We should be educating people so that rather than retort “Well, there is nothing we can do”, they can alternatively suggest “Only by allowing free discussion can we find solutions to this problem”. Rather than lament that immigration is inevitable, we can get people to instead question the morality of making a race of people a minority and eventually be assimilated out through mass immigration and assimilation. Rather than admit inevitability, we can impress upon people they have the right to question, interrogate and critique Cultural Leftism and Political Correctness.

These may appear to be small victories, but they are nevertheless victories. If we can show people they have alternatives, they have means to demand justice from their leaders, then we can begin to reawaken the fighting spirit by showing people what they can fight for, and what they can fight against. You can bet that many of Trumps supporters, looking to change the system were, prior to Trump, probably naysayers saying that there is no hope and that there is nothing one can do to stop the decline.

We have to start small. Grandiose plans about rebuilding nations might sound good in theory, but they can’t be used by people who are looking for immediate solutions to immediate issues. The rather ambitious Pioneer Little Europe’s have not helped any white, but BUGS, which seems far more mundane has changed the debate about racism. The latter is something that someone feeling grief and dismay might use, the former not.

Many cucked Westerners will never do anything non-Politically Correct, but some, if shown the way can be uncucked. Don’t write all the grievers and hashtag tweeters and topical Facebook avatars yet, they might just be waiting for you to show them there is something more than can do than just have to accept the status quo.

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